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About Talkwalker

The Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform

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About Talkwalker

The Consumer Intelligence Acceleration Platform

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Our company

Talkwalker delivers the consumer insights that help brands drive business impact. In a world full of conversations, the most successful global brands have switched to Talkwalker because we provide them with a powerful software platform to uncover, understand and derive the most valuable insights from internal and external data. Our listening and analytics platform enables more than 2,500 companies worldwide to protect their brands, measure their impact and gain the key consumer insights that drive purchase decisions.

With offices in Luxembourg, the United States, Germany, Singapore, France, Japan, the United Kingdom, India and Italy, Talkwalker’s employees are global and local partners in all major time zones and regions.

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Our cutting-edge technology

With our powerful AI Engine, Talkwalker has been at the forefront of AI innovation for seven years. Our breakthrough technology is developed exclusively in-house, so that we can offer our clients the best and most flexible video, image, text and speech analytics across any media type.

Our multi-award winning platform regularly receives praise for its powerful features and ease of use. We are recognized by Forrester, Gartner and G2Crowd.

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Social Insights for the World Most Impactful Brands
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Our service to you

Talkwalker’s international team is made up of marketing specialists, former research directors and PR professionals with intimate knowledge of how the most successful brands and agencies operate. They’re seasoned experts in implementing sophisticated use cases in our intelligence platform that can unleash the value of social and online conversations for brands and agencies.

Clients profit from our proven Protect/Measure/Promote framework, which helps separate the critical warning signals from the white noise, and enables brands to finally make sense of the most promising opportunities from conversational intelligence.

Our passion is to help build the brands that are loved.

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Planet Committee

Talkwalker’s sustainability initiative started as a grassroots project driven by colleagues passionate about the environment. The initiative grew and is now fully embraced throughout the organization.

Talkwalker is committed to reducing our environmental footprint, supporting our communities, and empowering our employees. We encourage our employees to embed sustainability in their daily operations, while sharing their own experiences to inspire their colleagues towards a greener future.

Talkwalker is already certificated as a Carbon Neutral Company 2021, and moving towards green energy sources. Talkwalker’s Planet Committee, and all employees, will strive for excellence and become the sustainable leader in our industry.

Planet Committee

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