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Airport of arrival: Agri Ahmed-i Hani Airport
Flight time from Izmir to Ağrı: 1 hour 40 minutes

Agri located in eastern Türkiye at the border of Iran. Agri named after the highest mountain in Türkiye, Mount Ararat. It hosted many civilizations from Hittites to Persians. Therefore, it is possible to see the cultural effects in varied areas. Agriculture is the main source of income of people in Agri. The population of Agri is 550 thousand after the 2000 census. If you are interested in visiting Agri, you can buy cheap flight tickets from Pegasus.

There are direct and connecting flights from Agri. There is a direct flight between Agri and Izmir. Also, eight connection flights allow you to reach Ankara, Istanbul, Düsseldorf, Lefkosa, Adana, and Sivas via Agri. Pegasus provides cheap ticket offers and campaigns frequently. As a result, it is easy to find a good deal for Agri tickets.    

About the Airport

Agri Ahmed-i Hani Airport (IATA: AJI, ICAO: LTCO), is 9 km away from the city center.  

Ahmed-i Hani Airport

Ahmed-i Hani Airport is operational since 1997. After renovations in 2011, it is re-opened. The annual passenger capacity is 201.140 people. Its name has changed from Agri Airport to Ahmed-i Hani Airport in 2015. Open-air parking lots are available at the airport.  

Transport from Agri Ahmed-i Hani Airport to the City Center

There are buses connect the city with the airport. Bus number 1 takes passengers from the airport and goes to the city center. Bus number 2’s last stop is the bus terminal.   Also, taxis and car rental services can be more convenient alternatives for passengers. Pegasus allows its passengers to rent a car from worldwide known car providers, such as Avis and Herts. You can make a reservation on the car rental web site in advance.  

Public Transport

Public transportation is provided through busses, mini-busses, and taxis. Some busses and mini-busses that leave from the bus terminal connect near villages to the city center, as well. Agri kart, a smart ticket, is used for transportation.  

Agri presents varied accommodation options from budget hotels to luxury hotels. Hotels are located at Vatan quarter, Buyuk Agri Street and Kagizman Street, and the downtown.

Online hotel reservation can help you to save time and money.

Agri cuisine presents a varied delicious and authentic local food. “Halise”, “Selekeli”, “Abdigor”, “Gosteberg” are some of the local food. If you would like to learn more about Agri cuisine, you can visit Agri Cuisine Guide.

What to Eat in Ağrı

  • Gosteberg buğulama: This is Ağrı's most famous dish. Lamb or goat meat is stuffed in the animals skin along with gosteberg, an aromatic herb. This is cooked in a pit under an open fire.
  • Çiriş ketesi: Pan cooked dishes are typical of Ağrı’s cuisine, but rather than a meat dish, this is closer to bread. The dough is stuffed with a local plant, ""çiriş otu"" and fried in an open pan. It's great for breakfast served with butter.
  • Selekeli sac kavurma: Another of Ağrı’s famous pan dishes is ""selekeli sac kavurma"", diced lamb fried on a hot iron pan with peppers and tomatoes.

Where to Eat in Ağrı

  • Doğubayazıt: You'll find Ağrı's best restaurants in Doğubayazıt.
  • Ağrı Centre: For local cuisine in Ağrı you can explore the restaurants in the city centre.
  • İsmail Beşikçi Caddesi: Doğubayazıt’s most lively street is also where you'll find the best restaurants in the city.

In this section, you will find useful notes about visiting Agri.  

About Visa

Republic of Türkiye uses electronic visa system called e-Visa. If you have internet connection, you can get your visa via e-Visas online web site 7/24 at anywhere in several minues. You have to obtain personal and travel related data and pay the required amount, as well.   If your travel purpose is tourism or commerce, then you can obtain e-visa. Otherwise, you need to apply for a visa at Turkish Embassies or Consulates.  

Neighboring Cities

  • Igdır (145 km)
  • Kars(162 km)
  • Erzurum (183 km)
  • Van (257 km)
  • Bitlis(236 km)
  • Muş (247 km)
  • Iran (480 km)



Agri is under the influence of the continental climate. Therefore, summers are hot, and winters are very cold. January average temperature is -9oC, and up to  -15oC can be seen. In August, the average temperature is 20.3oC, while in hot days 29.5oC can be reached. If you plan to visit Agri in winter, please check weather conditions daily, since winters in Agri are very hard and cold.  

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +90
  • Agri Area Code: 472
  • Airport Contact: +90 (472) 216 04 00
  • Emergency Line: 155 (Police), 112 (Ambulance)


Agri covers many historic areas. Ishak Pasa Palace, Sosik Castle, Churches, Dogubayazit castle are famous touristic places. Mount Ararat, which is the source of many legends and  the highest mountain of Türkiye, can also be visited.  

You can visit Ağrı Travel Guide for more information from special routes to city transportation.


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