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Airport of arrival: Alanya Gazipasa Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Alanya: 46 minutes

Located in Mediterranean, Alanya is a spectacular city situated between the Mediterranean Sea and Taurus Mountains. Combination of green and blue, Alanya has been home to many civilizations throughout the history. It is quite possible to witness the wonderful harmony of culture and history; while rejuvenating with its fresh air.

One of the most important tourism counties of Antalya, the city is enriched with unique shores, welcoming locals, historical landmarks and natural beauties. Alanya is a cradle of civilizations and its roots go back to the 4th century.

Pegasus Airlines offers the most comfortable flights to Gazipasa-Alanya Airport with affordable prices.

There are direct flights to Gazipasa-Alanya Airport from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport which features flights to 33 other provinces of Türkiye.

About the Airport

Pegasus Airlines offers the most comfortable flights to Gazipasa-Alanya Airport, which is 30 minutes away from Alanya. Located in Gazipasa, the distance between the city center and the airport takes 40 minutes. The airport was opened for domestic flights in July 2010 and international flights began in 2011.

Gazipasa – Alanya Airport

Although the construction was finished in 1999, the airport was not opened to service for almost 11 years. After it was opened in 2010, the airport began providing service. It has an annual passenger capacity of 1,500,000 and a parking lot with a capacity of 105 vehicles besides many services, offices and car rental services.

Transpor from Gazipasa – Alanya Airport to City Center

There are various transportation options that you can choose to reach the city center.


There are HAVAS shuttles available every day which depart every 25 minutes after the plane arrivals. The trip to the city center takes 60 minutes and costs 20 Turkish Liras. You can visit the official website to find further details about the schedule.


Located right outside the terminals, taxis are available for 24 hours. If you would like to have a faster and more comfortable trip to the central Alanya, you can book a taxi. Although the prices might change, a trip between Gazipasa-Alanya Airport and Oba costs approximately 170 Turkish Liras

Car Rental Services

Rent a car services offer more flexible and comfortable rides and are located in the airport. You can rent a car to get around in the city and to visit remote places of Alanya. Pegasus Airlines offers car rental services as well.

Public Transport

Alanya has an easy and practical transportation system which allows its visitors to get around quickly between its attractions. Although it is quite possible to reach a certain location with a bus, you can always consider booking a taxi or renting a car.

Most used public bus lines are 1 and 101, which will take you to the downtown and neighbouring counties. Since Alanya is a touristic place, a special transportation card is not compulsory. But having an Antalya Kart will provide cheaper rides around the city.

Shopping in Gazipaşa

Shopping in Gazipaşa does not offer much variety. There has not been much investment in this area since the region’s main attractions are the sea and nature. If you are looking for souvenirs in Gazipaşa, look for local artifacts at road side stands and small shops.

Shopping locations in Gazipaşa are limited, but you can take a tour of the region to buy fresh fruit.

Tahtakale Spot

Anything and everything from stationary to tools.

Address: Hal Yolu

Mavi Süpermarket

The greengrocer and butcher sections of the supermarket are very well-stocked. You can buy produce here if you would like to cook for yourself.

Address: M. Fahri Leylek Caddesi, 118

Alanya also offers a wide range in terms of accommodation. Filled with many resorts and luxurious hotels; the touristic county features the most comfortable accommodation options. As you can find many hostels and motels for any type of budget, the most visited places of the county are listed as follows: Okurcalar, Konaklı and Avsallar.

There are hundreds of hotels in Alanya which will suit your needs and budget. If you would like to have assistance while organizing your visit to Alanya, you can book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines.

Alanya’s touristic and historical sides have impacted on its cuisine and food culture as well. It is quite possible to find local delicacies which serve traditional Anatolian food. But you can also taste the delicious meals of the world kitchen. The county is also home to many luxurious restaurants and cafes.

The cuisine of Alanya is largely composed of seafood. With meze, which is served with the fish; tasting seafood in Alanya is a unique experience.

For further information about the cuisine of Alanya, you can visit What to Eat in Alanya page.

There are some information below which can help you during the process of organizing your trip to Alanya.

Neighbouring Cities

  • Antalya (134 km)
  • Gazipasa (44 km)
  • Manavgat (60 km)
  • Kemer (178 km)
  • Okurcalar (31 km)
  • Avsallar (23 km)


Alanya has a typical Mediterranean climate. Therefore, it can be visited between spring and summer months. The county becomes quite crowded as it attracts thousands of tourists during summer. You can consider organizing your trip to Alanya in spring season as well. Although two or three days would be ideal to visit Alanya, many visitors stay at least a week in this beautiful county to have a wonderful vacation.

Essential Numbers

  • Municipality: 444 8 207
  • Coast Guard: 158
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Police Department: 112
  • Fire Department: 110

Enriched by the southern shores of Türkiye, Alanya is the pearl of Mediterranean Sea. Filled with many activities, natural beauties, historical sites, luxurious resorts and spectacular beaches; Alanya offers a unique vacation full of enjoyment.

Alanya Castle is the first attraction point that comes to mind. With its amazing view and fascinating architecture, the castle offers the chance to witness the wonderful scenery of Alanya. You can also buy souvenirs for friends and family from the store located at the entrance.

Kleopatra Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Alanya. The beach covers the whole city from top to bottom while neighbouring the clean and warm Mediterranean. There are plenty of activities that you can do during your visit. For further information you can have a look at Alanya Travel Guide.



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