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 Amsterdam is renowned as the capital and most international city of the Netherlands. Also known as ‘the city of bikes’ with its famous canals and iconic Dutch houses, the city attracts many tourists. It was founded in 1275. Nowadays, Amsterdam is definitely among the most popular tourist destinations in Europe due to its proximity and connectedness to many prominent European cities. You can easily find affordable flight tickets to Amsterdam throughout the year.

Useful Information About Your Flight to Amsterdam

Flights to Amsterdam arrive at Schiphol International Airport, located 21.9 km away from the city center. You can transfer to the city by public transport. Remember to buy an OV-chipkaart and I Amsterdam card at the airport to get free museum entries and discounted public transport charges.

Tips for Finding the Cheapest Flights

Flights to Amsterdam cost high in peak season, namely in summer. Certainly, there are other options to find budget-friendly tickets to this magnificent capital:

  • Prices of flights to Amsterdam are reduced if you get return tickets and change your departure airport.
  • Flights to Amsterdam from Istanbul will be cheaper if you take off from Sabiha Gökçen International Airport.
  • Pegasus BolBol membership will reward you with cheap flights to Amsterdam when BolBol credits are accumulated.
  • Off-season deals will let you find the cheapest flights in winter.

There are direct flights to Amsterdam departing from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport which is connected through various domestic flights to 33 different cities within Turkey as İzmir, Antalya, Balıkesir, Ankara.    

About the Airport

Pegasus Airlines offers frequent flights to Amsterdam Airport Schipol which is known to be the primary international airport in the country. It is also regarded to be the third busies airport in Europe due to its high volume of passenger traffic as a result of frequent connections to the rest of the world. The airport is located only 9 km away from Amsterdam city center, in Haarlemmermeer.  

Amsterdam Airport Schipol

Schipol Airport became the prominent connection point of the Netherlands in 1945 for civilian needs. It went under reconstruction after it had been severely damaged in the Second World War. The airport currently consists of three departure halls under a single terminal. It has a capacity of 50 million passengers annually and provides numerous facilities for all needs.  

Transport from Schipol Airport to the City Center

There are many transfer options to the city center. Railway is a comfortable option for those who would like to travel to other cities. The trains depart from the airport at one floor below the main hall which are running on a frequent basis from 06.00 am until 1.00 am. One-way ticket costs around 4.50 euros and can be purchased either at the ticket desks or from the vending machines at the arrival hall. It takes about 15 minutes to get to Amsterdam Central Station by train. Although being a rather convenient option do not forget to check the train schedules online.  

There are also public buses providing service from the Airport to the city center. You can take bus number 397/ Amsterdam Airport Express or number 69 that depart from Schipol Plaza right outside the main hall. Amsterdam Airport Express offers a cheap and comfortable ride to the city for 6 euros. You may check the bus route in advance in order to determine the closest stop to your desired destination.

Alternatively, bus number 69 provides a relatively longer journey which takes about 40 minutes at the cost of 3 euros and ends at Amsterdam Sloterdjik train station. However, you may need to take another bus to get the Central Station from there.  Bus lines number 300 and 361 are among the alternative means of transportation from the airport, depending on where you would like to go.  

In order to get easier access to your place of accommodation, you may consider Schipol Hotel Shuttles that ride directly to the major city hotels from 06.00 am- 21.00 pm. The fare differs depending on travel type, the location of your hotel and number of adult passengers. You can reach all the relevant information online.  

If you would like to find a more comfortable and faster option, you can book a taxi or consider car rental services offered by Pegasus Airlines.  

Public Transport

Amsterdam has very highly developed public transportation; so it is easy to get around in Amsterdam using public transport. Amsterdam has 5 metro routes, 16 tram routes, 10 train stations, lots of regional buses.   Also, Amsterdam is known as a bicycle-friendly city and using bicycles as a primary choice of transportation. You can rent bikes almost anywhere in the city.

Amsterdam offers a variety of accommodation options due to its great reputation that attracts thousands of visitors from all around the world. You won’t have any problems finding an accommodation even though the prices may change depending on the area. But the city center is very compact and easily reached.  

You can easily find a suitable accommodation around the Central Station and Dam Square. Weesperzijde, Overhoeks, Oud-West, Westerpark, De Jordaan are also considered to be preferred places to stay by tourists. If you would like to have our assistance while organizing your trip you can book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines.

Typical local foods that you must try in Amsterdam are listed as follows: Dutch fries (Patat Oorlog), Kibbeling, Dutch cheese (Gouda, Geitenkaas) that you can find at ‘kaas shops’ and freshly baked Oliebollen or Stroopwafel for a sweet treat.

You can have a look at Amsterdam Cuisine Guide for more suggestions about all the local delicacies.

Below you can find some side notes that may be of interest when organizing your trip:  

About Visa

Turkish citizens are required to apply for a visa to relevant authorities in order to travel to the Netherlands, since the country is in the Schengen area of the European Union.  

Neighbouring Cities

There are many beautiful places located within a short distance from Amsterdam.  

  • Utrecht, Netherlands (33 km)
  • The Hague, Netherlands (51 km)
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands (56 km)
  • Tilburg, Netherlands (90 km)



The weather is usually cold and rainy from November until March in Amsterdam. Strong winds are also very frequent during the winter. Therefore, the period from April to October is the perfect time to enjoy all aspects of the city. Warmer summer days of June-August is probably the most ideal time to cherish the beautiful weather at Amsterdam’s parks and canals.  

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +31
  • Amsterdam Area Code:20
  • Airport Contact: +31 20 794 0800
  • Emergency Line: 112
  • Airport Shuttle Service: +31 (0)88 339 4741

Good to Know Before Visiting Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the brand city of steep-roof buildings and narrow canals, is a highly popular destination. While planning your journey with cheap flights, take a look at our Good to Know Before Visiting Amsterdam notes below:

  • You should remember that museum entry fees are usually pre-paid. Due to the tourist rush, attractions like Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House and Rijksmuseum are available only if you have a pre-booked or pre-paid ticket.
  • Dutch restaurants and shops, except supermarkets, usually serve customers until 6 p.m. Retailing chains allow shopping till 8 p.m.
  • As a city of bikes, Amsterdam stands like a home for bikers and pedestrians. However, you should be cautious about fast cyclists. They may horn you angrily if you attempt to walk on their bike lane.

Reasons to Visit Amsterdam

Amsterdam fascinates travelers with its unique architecture, art museums and festivals. If you haven’t heard of the ¨I Amsterdam¨ motto before, you will feel its rhythm during your stay. The motto whispers more than one reason to fly to Amsterdam. So, what are those reasons? Rembrandt House and Van Gogh Museum can be highly inspiring for painting fans. Uttering a cheerful hello to spring amidst fresh tulips at the Tulip Festival is a unique experience. Walking in the Museumplein, Herengracht and Keizersgracht can fill you with Amsterdam culture. Prices of flights to Amsterdam will lead you to lengthen your trip for more ideas.


Best Time to Visit Amsterdam

The best time to visit Amsterdam is spring or early autumn, when you can take advantage of off-season discounts. The cost of flights to Amsterdam will be reasonable in April and May, the best time to see blossoming nature. You can find the cheapest flights in December. If you want to enjoy Christmas in Amsterdam, prepare for low temperatures.

Plan Your Trip to Amsterdam

Start your travel plan by searching for the best deals on hotels and flights to Amsterdam by checking our website and partner offers. Make a dos and don’ts list by following our Amsterdam Travel Guide. A quick note about clothing: the cold climate zone is almost unpredictable here. Bring warm clothes, an umbrella and a raincoat with you even in summer.

Amsterdam is among the most vivid European capitals where you can enjoy many activities irrespective of the time of your visit. The city offers a delightful time to its visitors with its art museums, charming architecture and scenery marked by numerous canals and parks.

You shouldn’t miss the opportunity to venture on a cruise on the canals and spend a relaxing day in famous Vondelpark. You can also rent a bike to be able to explore the city better as Amsterdam is one of the most bike friendly cities in Europe.

If the weather is not good enough do not worry, there are tons of indoor activities and cultural sites to visit. The city is also home to world famous museums such as Rijksmuseum, Madame Tussauds, Jewish Historical Museum, Anne Frank Museum and Van Gogh Museum.

You can have a look at Amsterdam Travel Guide for more details about the city.


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