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Bulgaria succeeds in being one of the most popular tourist destinations with its charming architecture, historical buildings, stunning cathedrals, and museums. The country, which offers different alternatives in terms of summer and winter tourism with its sea, beaches and ski resorts, is among the countries that you must see with its lively cities and natural beauties. Bulgaria promises an experience full of flavor, art, and history with its art galleries, delicious food, and festivals.

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Your direct flight from Antalya Airport to Sofia Airport will be your first step on a fantastic journey to Bulgaria. Bulgaria is one of the thriving cities with expanding transportation options that reach rural parts of the country.

Transportation to/from Sofia Airport

One of the most common methods to travel to Sofia Airport from Sofia city centres is to take the metro, which leaves and arrives at Sofia Airport Metro Station. The metro station in Sofia Airport can be accessed from Terminal 2. It is possible to reach Sofia city centre, Druzhba, and Mladost using this metro line. In addition to that, a new metro line is constructed in the airport to connect Hadzhi Dimitar and Gorna Banya districts to Sofia Airport. More information about the metro line at Sofia Airport can be found here. Another option to reach Sofia city is to take the bus line 84 and bus line 184, which go to the city centre, and bus line 384, which goes to Druzhba from the airport.

Public Transport

Bulgaria invests in public transport to make sure the city centres are conveniently connected with the suburban areas. The Urban Mobility System provides a comprehensive guide to finding the inner-city transportation options in Sofia, which can be found here. The buses and trolleybuses are the fastest and easiest way to move around Sofia. These buses and trolleybuses are also common in other Bulgarian cities such as Varna, Gabrovo, and many more. While Sofia has a tram and metro line, the other cities in Bulgaria mainly depend on buses and trolleys for inner-city transport.

In addition to public transport options, taxis are also prefered for inner-city transportation in Bulgaria. Car-sharing and cycling are common in Sofia and other major cities as well. Driving in Bulgaria is relatively easy, but finding the direction might be tricky because the road signs are written in the Cyrillic alphabet.

Is there a travel card for tourists in Bulgaria?

There is not a tourist travel card in Sofia. Travellers can buy the bus and metro tickets from local sales points to use the transportation system in Sofia and other cities in Bulgaria. Taxis in Bulgaria only accept cash, so it is important to have some money when you take the taxis.

Transportation Between Cities in Bulgaria

The transportation between cities in Bulgaria mainly depends on the railroad network. The majority of the train routes in Bulgaria are run by the Bulgarian State Railways. The state railroad system also connects the country to neighboring countries like Greece and Romania. In addition to trains, buses are commonly prefered by the locals to visit other cities in Bulgaria. The intercity buses are a comfortable mode of transportation to reach the smaller towns and villages in the rural area.

Bulgaria offers its visitors many accommodation alternatives suitable for different budgets. Sofia is one of the most popular cities in terms of accommodation. You can choose Todor Alexander Boulevard, Oborishte and Lozenets regions to experience a luxury hotel near the city center. If you want to have a quiet holiday among the natural beauties, you can evaluate the boutique hotel and hostel options in and around Vitosha Boulevard. If you continue your trip in Varna, you can enjoy the sea and the sun in comfortable hotels by choosing the Central Beach and Sea Garden regions.

You can easily review all accommodation alternatives suitable for your travel plan and budget and book your hotel with Pegasus Airlines.

Bulgaria is one of the favorite travel destinations with its historical texture, cultural heritage, unique architecture, and artistic riches. Attracting tourists with its deep blue sea and stunning beaches, the country offers many things worth seeing to its visitors with its fascinating natural wonders.

Vitosha Boulevard: Vitosha Boulevard, the most famous boulevard in Sofia, is referred to as the center of the shopping. The boulevard, which is quite long and lively, with its shops and boutique shops, is among the first choice places for tourists and local people to shop. There are also many cafes, restaurants, and bars on Vitosha Boulevard.

For more detailed information about Sofia's historical and tourist areas, you can check the Sofia Travel Guide.

Boyana Church: Boyana Church is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In the church, which stands out with the frescoes on its walls, you can also encounter architectural examples that show traces of different centuries.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral: One of the largest Orthodox cathedrals globally, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is one of the historical buildings that draw attention with its gold-plated dome and height. It offers a visual feast with its decorations reflecting Neo-Byzantine architecture, stone carvings, wall paintings, and mosaics.

Borisova Gradina Park: The oldest park in Sofia, Borisova Gradina Park is one of the best places you can visit to relax after a tiring day with its magnificent nature and peaceful atmosphere. You can also see the sculptures and other touristic structures in the park and add color to your trip in the concert area.

Varna Sea Garden: Sea Garden is the biggest park in Varna, famous for its sea tourism. The park, one of the attractive routes with its deep blue sea and long beaches, also hosts many historical buildings, monuments, hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

Burgas Sunny Beach: Sunny Beach, located about 30 kilometers from Burgas, one of the most colorful cities in Bulgaria, offers an environment where you can enjoy the sea and the sun with its lush nature, the sea, and a long beach.

Bansko: You can have a pleasant ski holiday in the magnificent ski resorts of Bansko, located at the foot of the Pirin Mountains.

We have listed the information you may need during your trip to Bulgaria for you.

Things to Know Before Visiting Bulgaria

  • In Bulgaria, especially in tourist cities, you can communicate with people by speaking English and Turkish.
  • Bulgarian lev is the main currency of the country. However, you can also shop in Euro and Turkish Lira in many tourist places.
  • Payment by credit or debit card may not be accepted in some local markets and stores. Therefore, do not forget to take some cash with you.
  • Tap water in Bulgaria is clean and contains essential minerals. In this direction, you can drink tap water when you are thirsty.
  • If you visit Bulgaria in autumn and winter, you can take clothes suitable for seasonal conditions with you.

Essential Numbers

Country Code: +359

Sofia International Airport: +359 2 937 2211



Fire Service:166

Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Sofia: +359 2 935 5500


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