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Airport of arrival: Cologne Bonn Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Cologne: 3 hours 30 minutes
Flight time from Ankara to Cologne: 3 hours 45 minutes

Cologne is a beautiful German city located on the banks of Rhine River with its trademark  medieval church Cologne Cathedral ascending the skyline. The city is also home to one of the most famous European street festivals: Carnival, an event where people dress up in costumes and join the cheerful parades on the streets for days. Cologne is easily accessible from Turkey thanks to cheap flight tickets available all year long.

Pegasus Airlines offers direct flights to Cologne from Ankara Esenboga Airport and Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport. There are also numerous connected flights from Amasya, Ordu, Lviv, Grozni, Moscow and Athens through layover in Istanbul. You can follow up with the campaigns offered by Pegasus Airlines and benefit from seasonal promotions with great discount rates.  

About the Airport

Cologne Bonn Airport is situated about 15 km from Cologne and 16 km from Bonn city center. It is an international airport that serves the larger area with a busy passenger traffic throughout the year.  

Cologne Bonn Airport

  Although it was primarily utilized for military means the airport became operational for civilian purposes after 1951. The airport extended its capacities over time after the introduction of operations by low-cost airlines from all around the world. It currently comprises of two terminals with many service facilities of any need, including a railway system running from the city center to the airport.  

Transport from Cologne Bonn Airport to the City Center

Cologne Bonn Airport is easily reached by public transportation. The cheapest and most convenient way would be taking the S-bahn/ S-13 which connects the central train station and Cologne Hauptbahnhof in 14 minutes.The tickets cost only 3 euros and the timetables can be viewed online. There are also local bus lines operating on scheduled hours such as route 161 that goes to Cologne and route SB60 to downtown Bonn. Long distance bus companies such as FlixBus also have a stop at the airport that offer economic connections to surrounding cities.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi or benefit from car rental services offered by Pegasus Airlines.

Public Transport  

Trains, trams and buses provide efficient service working on punctual schedules and extending on a wide public transport network in Cologne. Frequently operating trams make it quite easy to get around in the city. City trains in Germany are divided into two categories as  “U-bahn” or “S-bahn” and can be recognized by the initial letters. U-bahn stands for the underground whereas S-bahn (Schnellbahn) is the faster line. The tariffs for the tickets are measured by zone system.

There are single/ daily or monthly tickets whose details are available on the mobile application of the public transport provider KVB. You can buy your ticket from kiosks, vending machines or online.  

The Old Town and Altstadt Süd are central locations to pick your accommodation. On the other hand, Belgian Quarter and Ehrenfeld are alternative lively areas often neglected by the tourists.

If you would like to have further assistance to plan your trip, you can book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines.

Kölsche cuisine has many savory flavors that you should definitely try. Halber Hahn rye bread sandwiches served with cheese and onion are one of the most basic foods you can find in Cologne, yet it tastes incredibly good. Reibekuchen or so-called potato pancakes topped with apple sauce are very famous at Christmas markets. Sauerbraten is also an authentic taste to taste in Cologne.

You can have a look at  Cologne Food Guide for more suggestions about all the local foods.

About Visa

Citizens of non-EU countries should comply with the Schengen visa requirements to travel to Cologne for visits shorter than three months. The applications should be proceeded at the German Embassy or Consulate of your country of residence.

Neighboring Cities

  • Bonn (25 km)
  • Dusseldorf (34 km)
  • Duisburg (57 km)
  • Essen (58 km)


The weather in Cologne is relatively mild compared to other German cities due to its geographical location that eases the effects of Gulf Stream. Even though the winters are still cold, the summer months are warm but with high precipitation levels.  

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +49
  • Cologne Area Code: 221
  • Airport Contact: +49 2203 404001
  • Emergency Line: 110

The city is home to worldly renowned museums as well as the iconic gothic cathedral, Kölner Dom. Ludwig Museum and Chocolate Museum are among the prominent cultural places to pay attention to. You shouldn’t end your trip before walking across the Rhine River through Hohenzollern Bridge in order to enjoy the best view of the city. Make sure to visit the Old Town which is remarkable with the cobblestoned streets and colorful buildings.

You can have a look at  Cologne Travel Guide for further details on more places to visit.


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