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Airport of arrival: Elazığ Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Elazığ: 1 hours 45 minutes
Flight time from Izmir to Elazığ: 1 hours 40 minutes

One of the most beautiful cities of Eastern Anatolia, Elazığ is a unique combination of natural beauties and historical sites. The city’s texture is weaved into time with its ancient constructions and history. Elazığ has been a natural bridge which bonds Anatolia to Mesopotamia. Because of its location, Elazığ was home to many civilizations throughout the history.

Like every other city of Türkiye, Elazığ demonstrates a wonderful a harmony of urban and natural life. With its welcoming people and atmosphere the city invites you for a soothing vacation.

Pegasus Airlines offers the most comfortable flights to Elazığ with reasonable prices.

There are direct flights departing from Istanbul or Izmir to Elazığ Airport. Booking your ticket in advance may provide benefits from promotions offered by Pegasus Airlines.

About the Airport

Located 12 kilometres away from the city centre, Elazığ Airport has been active since 2009. There are HAVAŞ buses which will take you to the bus station or to the city centre. Taking the taxi is also an option to reach the centre of Elazığ.

Pegasus Airlines offers direct flights to Elazığ Airport. This relatively new airport has three car rental services and one Pegasus Airlines office.

Elazığ Airport

Located on Elazığ-Diyarbakır highway, after providing service for military; it became open to the public in 2012. With the new terminal building constructed in 2012, Elazığ Airport contains two cafes, a bar, a souvenir shop and more. There are also car renting services, Havaş bus stations and taxis located near the airport to get you to centre of Elazığ.

Transport from Elazığ Airport to the City Centre

There are many alternatives to reach the centre of the city from Elazığ Airport.

Havaş Shuttles

There are Havaş shuttles which will take you to city centre. The ride lasts 30 minutes. It is possible to reach the centre of the city from Elazığ Airport every day. For detailed information about the shuttle schedule, you can visit the official website.


You can also take the taxi for a comfortable ride. Although a more expensive alternative, it provides a faster trip to the centre of Elazığ.

It is also possible to visit other cities in the region from the bus stations located near the airport.

Car Rental Services

If you are looking for a more comfortable trip to the city centre, you can consider can rental services offered by Pegasus Airlines.

Public Transport

The transportation system consists of buses and minibuses. The El-Kart is a special transportation card which allows you to get around the counties of Elazığ more economically. The city buses which ring around the city can be used with this card.

To find out detailed information about the bus schedule, you can visit the official website of Municipality of Elazığ.

Visited by thousands of tourists every season, Elazığ offers a wide range in terms of accommodation as well. Suitable for every budget, Elazığ hotels are mainly situated in the centre of the city. Providing a comfortable accommodation, almost every hostel and hotel of the city are quite welcoming because of its indulgent locals.

Although the city is visited every season, the price range does not differ a lot. Elazığ is primarily visited by sports lover in the winter season. The city attracts many visitors also in spring and summer seasons because of the festivals and its natural beauties. Finding a hotel based on your budget should be quiet easy as Elazığ has many accommodation alternatives.

To find detailed information and you can visit hotel reservation page provided by Pegasus Airlines.

The city’s cuisine is enriched with many tastes and flavours. The food culture of Elazığ is so rich that it was chosen as the Second Richest Cuisine of Türkiye. The unique meals of Elazığ are not only delicious, but they are also quite healthy.

The cuisine is highly influenced by traditions. The foods are served with great respect and in many conventional restaurants; guests sit on the ground to eat.

The soups of the city’s cuisine are quite special. Harput soup is usually served in cold days to feel warm. Lobik soup on the other hand, is made with a special plant and is quite healthy.

Harput meatball and küncülü meatball are the iconic meals of Elazığ as well.

For further information you can have a look at Elazığ Food Guide in order to find out the best places to eat.

You can have a look at the information below to be more prepared for your visit to Elazığ.

About Visa

Türkiye is a country that has visa agreements with many countries. Therefore, depending on your country of residence, the procedures and required documents in the visa application process may vary. The Republic of Türkiye's electronic visa service offered will greatly simplify the visa application process. To benefit from e-Visa service and apply for the Turkish visa easily you can check this page to get detailed information about the visa.

Neighbouring Cities

Eastern Anatolia is a region filled with beautiful cities of Türkiye.

  • Bingöl (141 km)
  • Tunceli (138 km)
  • Malatya (98 km)
  • Diyarbakır (153 km)


Continental climate is dominant in Elazığ. Summers are quite hot and dry whereas winters are cold and harsh. This climate change happened after Keban Dam was constructed. The city receives rain mostly in spring season.

Essential Numbers

  • Police: 155
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Elazığ Airport: (0424) 255 14 10

The pearl of the Eastern Anatolia, Elazığ has always been a special city with its amazing texture, weaved by the nature itself. The contributions which were made by the previous civilizations have enriched the city’s wonderful history. With its mosques, traditions and welcoming locals; the city itself is a celebration of culture and history.

For detailed information you can check Elazığ Travel Guide page.


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