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Airport of arrival: Erzurum Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Erzurum: 1 hour 30 minutes

Largest city in the Eastern Anatolia, land of history and culture; Erzurum is one of the most special provinces of Türkiye. With its population of 761.174, the city’s history goes back to 4000 BC and it has become home to many civilizations of Anatolia. Hurries, Urartus, Cimmerians, Persians, Romans, Sassanides, Arabs and Turks have weaved their culture into the texture of this beautiful city. Also, because of its geographical location; the city witnessed significant historic events not only in the period of Turkish Independence War but also before Christ.

With its 21 counties, the city is famous for its ski resorts, natural beauties and historical events. Its unique flora and refreshing air will renew you during your visit.

Erzurum, with its natural beauties, rich food culture and welcoming people; features the chance to witness the remnants of many civilizations while having a wonderful trip into Anatolia. Do not forget to follow to find affordable Erzurum flight tickets to have a unique experience in this province.

There are direct flights to Erzurum Airport from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport which is connected through various domestic flights to 33 different provinces within the country.

About the Airport

Located in Aziziye, Erzurum Airport has the second longest runway in Türkiye. The airport has been active since 1966. The distance between the city center and the airport is approximately 11 kilometres.

There are direct Pegasus Airlines flights from Istanbul to Erzurum Airport.

Erzurum Airport

The new terminal building was built in 2005. The airport contains 14 plane parks and it is also equipped with ILS device in order to ensure safety during landings and departures.

Erzurum Airport has a parking lot with the capacity of 530 automobiles. For further information

Transport from Erzurum Airport to the City Center

There are many alternatives of transportation to reach to city center from Erzurum Airport.


Although Havaş, airport-city center shuttles are not active in Erzurum Airport; you can take the shuttle rides provided by Municipality of Erzurum. The shuttles are located right outside the terminals. Shuttles leave an hour and a half before the plane departure time.

For detailed information about the shuttle schedule, you can visit the official website.


Located outside the terminals, Erzurum Airport taxis are available 24 hours a day. For a faster and more comfortable ride, you can take a taxi to reach to center of the city from the airport which is located in Aziziye.

  • Erzurum Airport – Bus Station = 55-60 Turkish Liras
  • Erzurum Airport – Mall = 60 – 65 Turkish Liras

Car Rental Services

If you are looking for a more comfortable and faster way of transportation, you can consider renting a car by using the car rental services offered by Pegasus Airlines.

Public Transport

Buses and minibuses are the main transportation options in Erzurum. As there are many stops, it is quite easy to get around in the counties of the city.

A special transportation system, Kardelen Kart is used in public transportation. As there are 139 private public transportation buses in the city, you can easily visit the top attraction points of Erzurum.  It is also possible to check the bus lines online from the official website of the city.

Due to the geography of the city, transportation system might not be sufficient for remote places. For those particular situations, you can consider booking a taxi or renting a car for faster and comfortable rides.

There are also seasonal shuttle services to Palandöken. If you are planning to visit Erzurum during winter, there are shuttle rides between the city center and ski resorts.

Erzurum attracts many local and international tourists especially during winter. Since the city is quite famous for its winter sports, it is always possible to find a hotel close to the ski resorts to located near the city center.

Palandöken is one of the most visited counties of Erzurum. Filled with many accommodation alternatives, there are also counties such as Yakutiye and Aziziye where you can find a hotel for any type of budget. You can use hotel reservation service offered by Pegasus Airlines for seasonal promotions.

Erzurum is also famous for its food around Türkiye. It is quite possible to come across many restaurants in other provinces that serve meals highly influenced by the food culture of Erzurum.

With its kebab, meatballs and patties, cuisine of Erzurum feature unique tastes for everyone.

Cag kebab is an iconic meal of the city. Cooked on hardwood fire, cag kebab is a special type of kebab and it is made of lamb meat. The word Cag comes from the metal stick which is used while eating the meat. Although it looks like classic Turkish döner, it tastes quite different and unique. Tasting cag kebab is a must while visiting Erzurum.

Erzurum’s traditional cuisine is also famous for its soups. Ayran asi is the first one that comes to mind.

You can also visit What to Eat in Erzurum for further details about Erzurum’s food culture.

You can find some notes down which will help you in the process of organizing your trip.

Neighbouring Cities

Erzurum has many beautiful cities as its neighbours.

  • Bayburt (124 km)
  • Bingöl (180 km)
  • Erzincan (188 km)
  • Muş (245 km)
  • Rize (377 km)
  • Kars (202 km)


Summers are short and hot. The winters on the other hand, are quite cold and harsh in the city. That is why Erzurum is famous for its winter sports. Since winter season is long, there are many seasonal activities and organizations in the city such as Winterfest. Erzurum is also filled with many ski resorts in Palandöken.

Essential Numbers

  • Fire Emergency: 110
  • Police: 155
  • Ambulance: 112
  • Municipality: 0442 344 10 00

Also known as the Land of the Wali, Erzurum is a city where history embraces the culture and where the urban life combined into the natural beauties. The texture of the city is enriched with many natural beauties such as waterfalls, plains, forests and even with its air. Erzurum offers a unique experience for its visitors with many wonders.

Tortum Waterfall, Nene Hatun National Park and Erzurum Yakutiye are some of the most visited attractions of the city. For further information about Erzurum, you can visit Erzurum Travel Guide page.


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