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Airport of departure: Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW)
Airport of arrival: Kazan Airport (KZN)
Flight time from Istanbul to Kazan: 4 hour 30 minutes

Kazan, usually named "the third capital of Russia," attracts interest with its high living standards, beautiful nature and cultural combination of Russian, Tatar and Turkish colors. Kazan enhances as a fascinating destination for excursionists, business travelers and students. You can easily book cheap flights to Kazan from Istanbul using Pegasus offers.

To find low-cost flights from Kazan to Istanbul, buying return tickets on Pegasus is better for saving budget. You can find cheap connecting tickets to London from Kazan through Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport. See Pegasus offers connecting flights to Kazan from various destinations.

International and domestic passengers arrive in Kazan ınternational Airport, which stands as the mere air hub near the city located in Volga Region. Commuter trains, buses and mini buses facilitate urban transport towards neighboring villages and cities.

Transport from Airport to Kazan City Centre

Kazan International Airport (KZN) stands 25 km southeast of the city center. It is the largest air hub in Tatarstan. In Terminal 1, there are cafes for waiting passengers and free wifi. Airport transfer is available via train to the Old Station. Aeroexpress Trains take you from the airport to the city center in 20 minutes. Alternatively, you can take bus 97 from the airport to Prospekt Pobedy metro station, located out of the center. You can take public transport from the metro to downtown Kazan.

Public Transport in Kazan

Kazan is a pedestrian-friendly city. Major tourist attractions are available within a-few minutes' walk. You can take public buses if you would like to travel to other parts of the city or suburbs. The metro line goes in a north-south direction. You can take the metro at Prospect Pobedy to Kremlyovskaya, the main tourist attraction, to the second train station in the north and the Ploschad Tukaya. Taxi services are available at taxi stops, via Yandex and other mobile applications.

Hotels in Kazan offer a relaxing and comfortable stay for accommodators. There are various choices ranging from 3-4 star hotels to apart rooms, and B&B stays in local houses. To get very affordable prices, visit Pegasus hotel and Airbnb reservation pages.

Traditional Tatar food is well-known for its delicious meat-stuffed recipes. Try the crunch layers of Guobadia stuffed with either meat or sweet flavor. Echpockmack, an alternative street food of triangular dough filled with potato, onion and minced meat, will become a great lunch. Do not miss the chance to taste Pirog Smetana with its delicious sour cream. For detailed food and cuisine, see our Kazan Travel Guide.

The question of what to know before flying to Kazan leads travelers to check about visa requirements. Turkish citizens with ordinary passports are allowed to visit the Tatarstan region of Russia for up to 60 days for touristic and business-related purposes. For other nationalities, exemption from visas should be checked prior to the journey.

If you would like to see neighboring cities like Samara, Perrn and Nizhny Novgorod, you can book cheap flights to Kazan from Istanbul. Samara is 363 km away, and Nizhny Novgorod is 389 km from Kazan city center. A short drive or a regular train journey will lead you to these alternative destinations.

The weather forecast in Kazan reflects the basic features of the continental climate. Winter is not so freezing, but the average temperature drops to -10°C in January and February. Summer is milder and wetter; the average temperature in July rises up to 19°C.

Local Phone Codes

Country Code of Russian Federation: +7

Area Code of the Republic of Tatarstan: +843

Emergency / Ambulance: 112

Kazan demonstrates splendid scenes in its culturally preserved streets while growing into a large economic hub. Our top sightseeing tips for Kazan:

  • Kremlin Kazan: This typical Russian palace (Kremlin) is the home of worth-to-see art galleries, museums, shops and cafes. The complex is part of UNESCO World Heritage sites.
  • Kul Sharif Mosque: Although built in the 21st century, the mosque enchants visitors with Quran verses inscribed on the dome and ambiance.
  • Kazan Hermitage Museum: See alternative artistic exhibitions of St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum here.
  • Natural History Museum and National Gallery of Art called ¨Hazine¨: Learn more about Tatar and Soviet history while visiting museum galleries.

For more recommended sites in Kazan, see our Kazan Travel Guide.


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