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Airport of arrival: Kherson International Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Kherson: 1 hours 45 minutes


One of the popular sightseeing routes of Ukraine, Kherson is visited by thousands of tourists every year with its historical background and cultural richness. Promising a unique holiday experience with its colorful nightlife, festivals, and natural beauties, Kherson is one of the cities that should be discovered with its wide streets, parks, mystical ambiance, and local flavors.

You can follow Pegasus Airlines' cheap flight ticket deals to travel to Kherson that stands out with its cultural texture reflecting the Soviet architecture at advantageous prices. Also, you can book your ticket in advance to benefit from the early booking advantages of Pegasus Airlines.

Flight Information

The arrival point of Kherson flights offered by Pegasus Airlines is Kherson International Airport. Direct flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW) to Kherson International Airport are offered by Pegasus Airlines' cheap flight ticket options. Flight time between Istanbul and Kherson is approximately 1 hour 45 minutes. Also, you can buy indirect flight tickets to Kherson through İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport from various destinations around the globe and start your travel.

Follow the ongoing promotions and campaigns by Pegasus Airlines' to purchase the most suitable flight ticket for your budget to Kherson and enjoy your flight at advantageous prices.


Kherson International Airport is located about 11 kilometers away from the city center. So, you can easily reach the airport from the city center by using the bus, taxi, and car rental service, or public transportation from the airport to the city center.

Transportation from Kherson International Airport to the City Center

You can get from Kherson International Airport to the city center in 15-20 minutes by municipal buses number 101. You can also reach the city center fast by preferring taxis that are waiting outside the terminal building.

If you wish, you can make your journey more enjoyable and comfortable by taking advantage of Pegasus Airlines' car rental service.

Public Transport

In Kherson, public transportation is provided by buses, trolleybuses, busses, trams, and taxis. You can easily reach the city center and central points with buses and trams serving between 06.00 and 01.00, and touristy places away from the city center with trolleybuses. Also, you can prefer taxis to get anywhere you want in a fast and comfortable way.


Kherson offers many accommodation options to its visitors, from luxury hotels to boutique hotels and hostels. Luxury hotels closer to touristic spots are generally centered in Suvorava and Sovetska streets. Also, many boutique hotels and pensions can be found around the Dnieper River for those looking for a quiet and peaceful accommodation in a more economical and authentic atmosphere.

You can also book your hotel in Kherson through the Pegasus Airlines’ website.


Kherson offers different tastes of Ukrainian and Russian cuisine together. The most consumed dishes in Kherson are Borsch soup and Varenyky, a type of ravioli. In Kherson food culture, where chicken, potatoes, rice, and mushroom are used extensively, bread is an indispensable food. The other famous delicacies of the city where you can try the tastes of world cuisines such as Japan and Italy are the Kapusniak, Holubtsy, Kyiv Chicken, and Pieroi.

For more detailed information about Kherson cuisine culture, you can have a look at the Kherson Food Guide page.

Useful Information

Here are the essential details you should know before the visit to Kherson:

About Visa

Ukraine does not require a visa for many countries around the world. Turkish citizens can travel to Ukraine without a visa within 180 days, provided that they do not exceed 90 days with a valid passport or the newly introduced ID cards with a chip. You can check here if your nationality is eligible for visa-free entry.

Neighboring Cities

  • Mykolaiv (72 km)
  • Odesa (204 km)
  • Zaporizhia (287 km)
  • Dnipropetrovsk (330 km)


In Kherson, where the temperate continental climate prevails, summers are hot, dry while winters are cold and snowy. The temperatures can fall to -20 ° C in the winter months. While the weather starts to get warmer as of April, July and August are the hottest months.

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +380
  • City Code: 552
  • Airport Contact: +380 552 337 187
  • Emergency Line: 112

Places to Visit in Kherson

Admiring itself with its fascinating nature, Kherson has many places waiting to be discovered with its wide streets, lush green parks, and historical buildings. Park of Glory, located by the Dnieper River, symbolizing the independence of the city, is one of the most visited places for having pleasant walks and relaxation in a peaceful and calm atmosphere. You can do different water sports activities in the Dnieper River, another attractive point of the city. Here, you can have a fascinating moment for yourself accompanied by the local flavors and live music.

If you are looking for a different experience, you can take a safari tour in the Oleshkovsky Desert, the largest desert of the European continent. Saint Catherine Cathedral, Kherson Castle, Kherson Art Museum, and Regional Museum are other must-see places.

To have more detailed information about the places to visit in Kherson and create your travel route, you can review the Kherson Travel Guide.


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