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Flight time from Istanbul to Konya: 1 hour 20 minutes

The first human contact in Konya goes back to the Neolithic era in Çatalhöyük known as the oldest and most developed settlement to date. Being home to many important civilizations throughout ages, the city has accumulated many artworks created by different societies with varying production and construction techniques.

The capital city of the Anatolian Seljuk State and an important a trade center on the Silk Road, Konya has been the cultural center for hundreds of Islamic scholars. Until today it continues to attract many visitors with its valuable elements of culture and faith that derive from the philosophical thoughts of Sufism pioneered by Mevlana Celaleddin-i Rumi.

Pegasus Airlines provides direct flights from Istanbul as well as Copenhagen to Konya Airport.  There are also multiple connected flights that link Konya from international and domestic routes such as Stockholm, Brussels, Vienna, Riyad, Edremit/Balikesir, Mugla/Bodrum and Kars.

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About the Airport

Konya Airport is situated about 18 km away from the city center. It became operational for public use in 2000.

Konya Airport

Konya Airport consists of one terminal dedicated to domestic and international flights. The airport provided service for a total number of 262,561 passengers in 2016.

Transport from Konya Airport to the City Center

Havas shuttles provide transport between the airport and Konya city center. The journey takes about 30 minutes and the departure times can be viewed online. One way ticket costs 10 turkish lira.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi or benefit from car rental services offered by Pegasus Airlines.

Public Transport

Bus, tram and minibuses are commonly used to move around in the city center. ATUS is the mobile app launched by the local municipality and enables passengers to keep track of all the relevant information regarding their desired travel routes. ElKart is used as the public transport pass in the city. Moreover, it has recently become possible to pay the transport fee with contactless credit cards on board.

Numerous accommodation options ranging from low-cost to exquisite lodgings are present in the city center of Konya. There are also many alternatives in the surrounding districts such as Karaman and Selcuklu as they are located within short distance from the main attraction points.

If you would like to have further assistance to plan your trip, you can book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines.

Konya is home to some of the most delicious Turkish food. The local cuisine is dominated by different plates characterized with meat such as etli ekmek,cebic, firin kebabi and tirit. Dilber dudagi and hosmerim are the typical desserts enjoyed by the locals.

You can have a look at  Konya Travel Guide for more suggestions about all the local foods.

About Visa

Foreigners who wish to travel to Konya for tourism or commerce purposes can utilize electronic visa system to get their e-visas online. There may be some exemptions depending on the country of origin. The countries whose citizens are allowed to travel to Türkiye only with their ID cards are listed online.

Neighboring Cities

  • Karaman (100 km)
  • Aksaray (145 km)
  • Isparta (171 km)
  • Nigde (192 km)


The typical continental climate prevails over the plains of Konya with dry and hot summers followed by cold snowy winters. Precipitation is the highest during the spring months of April and May.

Essential Contact Numbers

  • Country Code: +90
  • Konya Area Code: 332
  • Airport Contact: 332 239 13 43
  • Emergency Line: 112
  • Airport Shuttle Service: 0850 222 0 487

Konya takes its visitors on a time travel with its rich cultural heritage displayed in places such as Archeology Museum, Mausoleum of Mevlana and Karatay Madrasah.

You should definitely spare time to pay a visit to Catalhoyuk which is known to be among the oldest settlement sites in human history. It is located in Cumra district of Konya.

You can have a look at  Konya Travel Guide for further details on more places to visit.


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