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Kyrgyzstan is a fascinating country which deserves more attention! The country is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. There is so much to discover in Kyrgyzstan whether you would like to go on trekking on the mountains or explore local delicacies of the nomadic culture. The availability of super economic flights scheduled to Kyrgyzstan draws more and more visitors to the country.

After taking your flight from Antalya Airport, Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport to Bishkek Manas International Airport, transportation from the airport to Bishkek city centre is relatively easy thanks to different modes of transportation.

Transportation to/from Bishkek Manas International Airport

There is only one public transport option to travel to/from Bishkek Manas International Airport, the marshrutka line 380. This public transport line travels between the airport and Osh bazaar, which is considered one of the most central locations in Bishkek downtown. In addition to marshrutka, arranging a transfer by taxi, car rental, or private transfer service is possible.

Public Transport

Bishkek has a relatively limited public transport option, but marshrutkas and buses in the city cover almost all districts. The same limited options can be seen in other cities of Kyrgyzstan as well. While the locals mostly use these two modes of transportation, travellers from other countries might opt for shared taxis or regular taxis. There are a total of 17 bus lines and 11 trolleybus lines in Bishkek. The trolleybus lines cover the most central areas of the city, and marshrutkas are the only way to the suburban areas.

In general, marshrutkas are incredibly crowded, and it is hard to find a place to get on the vehicle. If you plan to use marshrutkas to move around Bishkek or other Kyrgyz cities, you might need to have cash in your pocket. The fee for the travel is paid in cash when you enter the marshrutka.

Is there a tourist travel card in Kyrgyzstan?

There is no travel card for tourists in Bishkek and Kyrgyzstan in general. Travellers can buy bus, tram, and trolleybus tickets like the locals and use the public transportation lines across the country. The marshrutkas, a common mode of transportation across Kyrgyzstan, sometimes accept cash. So, travellers who plan to use marshrutkas in any of the cities in Kyrgyzstan should carry some money to pay for their ride.

Transportation Between Cities in Kyrgyzstan

The transportation between cities in Kyrgyzstan is mainly done by trains and buses. The Bishkek – Moscow, and Tashkent – Bishkek – Balykchy train line, which only operates during summer, are the two most popular train routes to travel to other cities around Kyrgyzstan. Shymkent can be reached by taking the Bishkek – Moscow line. If you would like to learn more about the intercity train lines in Kyrgyzstan, you can visit this official website.

Further, it is possible to use buses and shared taxis to reach some of the nearby cities in Bishkek. There are also domestic flights between Bishkek and Dushanbe which are organised once a week, and Tashkent and Bishkek, which are organised 2 days a week. Minivans or shared taxis are preferred to reach some of the important cities such as Karakol, Issyk-Kul, Kochkor, Naryn, and Osh.

Where to Stay in Kyrgyzstan?

Bishkek is among the most visited places in Kyrgyzstan and therefore offers a variety of accommodation options for any budget and taste. It is strongly advised to stay close to the city center in order to have easy access to main highlights of the city.

The central Ala-Too Square and surrounding areas are filled with different accommodation selections. But there are also many hotels in remote areas or mountain resorts. You may also consider to book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines if you want to make your trip more stress-free.



Top things to do in Kyrgyzstan

There are a list of great things to do in Bishkek. Below you can find some of the must-see places that will make sure you’ll have the best time during your trip.

  • Visit the Ala Too Square: The capital city of Bishkek draws attention with its modern architecture that resembles European cities. Ala Too Square is located right at the heart of Bishkek where occasional celebrations take place. The history of the square dates back to Soviet era. It was originally founded in 1984 with the special purpose of celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Republic. Ala Too Square preserves its importance as the cultural and political center of the capital city today.
  • Go to State History Museum:  If you would like to develop a better understanding of the history of Kyrgyzstan, you should definitely pay a visit to the State History Museum, located at the capital’s famous Ala-Too Square. Formerly called as the Lenin Museum, the country’s Soviet history is visible through extensive collections. A number of ethnographic items dating as far as to Bronze age are also available to visitors. State History Museum is open for visits from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Discover Osh Bazaar: The historical Osh Jayma Bazaar used to be a trading center located on the ancient Silk Road. It offers a genuinely authentic experience where you can find the freshest local products. Most towns have their own local markets in Kyrgyzstan. They give the opportunity to get to know the local culture and people from a closer look. You can buy a variety of souvenirs including fresh vegetables, fruits, honey, dairy products and dried fruits.
  • Do trekking on Tian Shan Mountains: Tian Shan is the major mountain range of Central Asia situated along the borders of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Xinjiang in northwest China. The name Tian Shan is known to mean “Mountains of Heaven”. It is renowned as a sacred place among the local people. You can go on trekking on this remote corner of the world. If you are seeking for more adventure you can spend the night in one of the yurtcamps and experience the authentic life of Kyrgyz people.
  • Spend time at Ala Archa National Park: Ala Archa National Park is located on the famous Tian Shan Mountains about 40 km away from Bishkek. The National Park was founded back in 1976. It is home to multi-sized glaciers and mountain peaks as well as Adygene and Ak-Sai Rivers.

You can take a day off to recharge in the nature and hike along the Ak-Sai Glacier. The park can be reached easily either by taking a taxi or the minibus (mashrutka 265) that rides to the village of Ala Archa.

  • Visit House Museum of Mikhail Frunze:  Mikhail Frunze was an important military figure born in Kyrgyzstan and served in the army of USSR at the beginning of 20th century during the tumultuous times of Russian Revolution. The Museum of Mikhail Frunze is dedicated to putting light on his political and military personality through a short time travel into his life. It is a famous attraction point for those who are interested in the history of the USSR.

  Make sure to have a look at the Bishkek Travel Guide and discover more things to do in Bishkek. You should also read our Kyrgyzstan Travel Guide in order to get well informed about the gems of this Central Asian country.

Car Rental in Kyrgyzstan

You can also rent a car with Pegasus privileges if you want to consider a more comfortable option for city transportation when you arrive in Kyrgyzstan for business or leisure.


Airports in Kyrgyzstan

Pegasus Airlines provides flights Manas International Airports in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Manas International Airport

Manas International Airport is the major international hub of the country. It is located at the country’s capital, Bishkek within 25 kms away from the city center. Manas International Airport was named after the national hero of Kyrgyzstan, Manas. The airport has gone through several renovation projects and reached to a total of one million passengers in 2012. It is within easy access from the city center by taxi or bus. Shuttle bus number 380 provides transport to Bishkek city center, Beishenaliev Street.

Below you can find some practical information that will help you organize your trip.  

Things to Know Before Visiting Kyrgyzstan

  • There are many local festivities celebrated yearly by Kyrgyz people such as World Nomad Games, Kyrgyz Traditions and Ceremonies Festival. You may consider scheduling your trip based on the dates of such festivals in order to get to know the local traditionals better.
  • Beware that communicating in English can be a bit of a challenge with the local people as Russian is the more commonly used after Kyrgyz language.

Essential Numbers

We made a list of some important contact numbers that might be useful throughout your stay in Kyrgyzstan.

Country code: + 996

Bishkek area code: 312

Manas International Airport: +996 312 693 109

General Emergency Number: 12


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