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Flight time from Istanbul to Manchester: 4 hours 25 minutes

Manchester is among the first industrialized cities in England, situated in northwest of the country. Besides its worldly famous soccer teams, Manchester is famous for its cultural and historical sites as well as its first class restaurants. The city is also home to many colorful events such as Manchester International Festival. Manchester is easily accessible with the availability of affordable flight tickets.

There are direct flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport directed to Manchester Airport. Numerous linked flights from a long list of locations such as Erzurum, Kuwait, Tel Aviv, Hatay and Abu Dhabi are available through layovers in Istanbul.

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About the Airport

Manchester Airport is situated about 13.9km away from Manchester city center. It is a prominent international airport serving the greater area.

Manchester Airport

The airport opened in 1938 and utilized as an airbase during the Second World War. It was regarded as the Ringway Airport back then, a name which is still commonly used by the locals. Manchester Airport reached a record high number of total capacity with 27.8 passengers in 2017. The airport has three terminals and is currently being upgraded as part of an expansion project.

Transport from Manchester Airport to the City Center

Manchester Airport railway station is connected to the airport. Trains provide fast transport to the central train station, Manchester Piccadilly and to other parts of England. The journey to the city center by train takes approximately 20 minutes. You can either book your ticket online or buy it from the vending machines upon arrival. Moreover, metrolink tram system is also available as part of the airport line that opened in 2014. There are numerous buses running to different places including the National Express.

Alternatively, you can take a taxi or benefit from car rental services offered by Pegasus Airlines.

Public Trasnport

Buses, trams and trains are popular means of public transport in Manchester. The city does not have an underground network, instead metrolink tram system is utilized commonly.  There are multiple travel card options for every need.

Due to the compact size of the city center, walking or cycling are also very comfortable options. You can access all the necessary information through the website of the official local public transport authority “Transport for Greater Manchester”.

There are various accommodation options for any need in Manchester. Staying close to the major hot spots in the north and east central parts of the city will provide you easy access within walking distance.

If you would like to have further assistance while planning your trip, you can book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines.

Manchester has many good restaurants, bars and gastropubs. Eccles cake, Manchester tart, the Lancashire hotpot, pasty barm, parched peas and rag pudding are listed among the delicious local specialties.

You can have a look at Manchester Food Guide for more suggestions about all the local foods.

We have listed some useul information you may need when you visit Manchester:

About Visa

Turkish citizens wishing to travel to the UK are entitled to national visa rules and regulations.  Diplomatic Passport holders are exempt from UK visa procedures for travels not exceeding 90 days within 180 days.

Passengers who will travel to other countries through transfers over England should apply for a transit visa. However, if the journey is to be completed in 24 hours and all conditions for the visa of the other country are met, the person is exempt from transit visa requirements. Please make sure to contact the UK Embassy in your country for further details regarding the application procedure.

Neighboring Cities

  • Bradford (47.1 km)
  • Liverpool (49.8 km)
  • Sheffield (52.1 km)
  • Leeds (71.8 km)


The weather in Manchester is cold and humid most of the year, although the major part of precipitation occurs in autumn. The winter months are chill with temperatures dropping below zero degrees. However, snowfall is not common. The temperatures begin to get warm by May. Summers are mild but  still wet with frequent showers.

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +44
  • Manchester Area Code: 020
  • Airport Contact: +44 808 169 7030
  • Emergency Line: 112 or 999

Manchester Cathedral, Godlee Observatory, Manchester Opera House, Manchester Art Gallery, Albert Square and Castlefield are must-see places in Manchester. There are also a great number of museums and art galleries to visit. You should pay a visit Manchester Art Gallery where admissions are for free. The Imperial War Museum displays a remarkable collection addressing questions on causes of war.

On the other hand, Etihad Stadium and Old Trafford Stadium might be attractive points for football fans. You can have a look at Manchester Travel Guide for further details on more places to visit.


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