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Airport of arrival: Odessa International Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Odessa: 1 hours 30 minutes

Odessa, which has become a center of attraction with a population of over one million, is known for its historical texture, warm climate and unique museums. Odessa, one of the largest port cities of the Black Sea, is also among the most touristic cities in Ukraine. Odessa is an ideal holiday destination to enjoy the hot summer days and nightlife. With seasonal campaigns of Pegasus Airlines, it is also possible to travel to Ukraine by taking advantage of cheap flights.

Odessa Flight Information

There are direct flights between Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW) and Odessa International Airport (ODS). The trip from Istanbul to Odessa is approximately 1 hour 35 minutes. Passengers who want to visit Odessa with a connecting flight may organize their travels via Kiev. It is also possible to fly from Istanbul to Lviv and then to Odessa. Travel time between Sabiha Gökçen International Airport (SAW) and Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport (LWO) takes 2 hours and 5 minutes.

It is very important to book a ticket early to find cheap Odessa flight tickets. The holiday season covering the months of June, July and August is the peak of demand for direct flights to Odessa. In this period, Odessa fly ticket prices can rise significantly.

It is useful to check which months or days are suitable for this route to find the cheapest Odessa flight ticket. If your calendar is suitable, you can keep the departure or return dates wide and shift between different days to find the cheapest flight ticket. You may also check the most attractive Ukraine flight deals on the campaign page.


Transportation from Odessa Airport to the City Center

Odessa International Airport (ODS), located about 8 km from the city center, is among the largest airports in the country. Getting from the city center to the Odessa Airport is possible and easy with different kinds of transportation options such as taxi, bus and tram.


City buses departing every 20 minutes provide practical transportation between the airport and the city center. If you do not have extra baggage you can go to the city center with the bus number 117 offering a direct transportation chance to the city center. The journey costs $ 0.20 (2021) and takes approximately 50 minutes.

Trolley Bus

Trolleybus #14, which goes from the airport to the train station every day between 07:00 and 20:00, is frequently preferred to reach the city from Odessa Airport. The trip by trolleybus costs $ 0.22 (2021).


You can choose a more comfortable journey with taxis. The journey approximately takes about half an hour and costs more than public transportation, as usual.

Rent a Car

You may also rent a car from reliable companies such as Europcar, Avis or Budget to make your Odessa trip more comfortable and personal.

Transportation in Odessa

Public transportation in Odessa is provided by trams, trolleys, buses and minibuses (marshrutkas) that provide access to many important points of the city. Tram lines covering all the main streets of Odessa are among another frequently used transportation method. Trams and trolleybuses can be used for a reasonable fee of $ 0.22 (2021). Most trams and trolley buses have employees assigned to collect money inside the tram/trolley. You can pay for a ticket in cash and get a ticket from the tram. In Odessa, unlike many other Ukrainian and European cities, you do not need to verify your ticket after purchase.

Minibuses, referred to as Marshrutka in Ukraine, constitute the main vein of the public transportation system of the city. You can reach the minibuses from the marked stops or you can get on the minibus by raising your hand on the road. Another transportation trend that has recently become popular in Odessa is Uber. If you are only staying in the city for a few days or do not want to deal with taxi and car rental, you may take advantage of Uber at reasonable prices.

Accommodation in Odessa

Accommodation alternative suitable for every budget is available in Odessa. The coastal region and the city center are the main areas where hotels are located. Popular place in summer months, Arcadia is frequently preferred by tourists due to its proximity to entertainment centers. There are numerous hotels and pensions in Arcadia which is closed to vehicle traffic. You can check out Odessa Travel Guide for further information.

If you would like to have our assistance while organizing your trip you can book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines.

What to Eat in Odessa?

Depending on the cold weather, root vegetables such as beets, potatoes and cabbage form the basis of Ukrainian cuisine. For example Borscht, a kind of vegetable soup, is a must for cold winter days. Borscht soup, prepared with various vegetables, is usually served with red meat and cream. Another important flavor of Ukrainian cuisine is Banosh. Prepared with corn flour, Banosh is addicting with its intense taste and unique consistency.

Vareniky is another flavor that you must try during your visit to Odessa. Vareniky, a type of ravioli, can be prepared with different ingredients such as beef, onion or potato. It is possible to experience the most different examples of Vareniky in restaurants that serve traditional home cooking. In addition Kotleti meatballs, made of chicken, fish or meat, appeal to those who enjoy intensely flavored meat dishes. We also recommend that dessert lovers definitely try the Paczki. If you want to learn about the food you can try or places to visit in Odessa, you can check out the Odessa Travel Guide.

Things You Need to Know Before Going to Odessa

  • It would be more logical to go to Odessa, which is a summer city, during the hot weather from May to September. Keep in mind that the majority of tourist attractions, beach-related businesses and entertainment venues are only open in summer.
  • In Odessa the two main languages preferred to be spoken are Ukrainian and Russian. Memorizing basic Ukrainian or Russian words will help you on your trip to Ukraine.
  • Having an offline map installed on your phone can save you from many problems in some areas where you cannot reach the internet.
  • Buying the local currency Ukrainian Hryvnia (UAH) from the exchange offices located in the city center and the airport will make your holiday experience easier. You can negotiate with UAH especially in marketplaces.
  • When traveling by bus, train or marshrutka, you will notice that the stop posts are in Cyrillic script. Learning the Cyrillic equivalent of your destination will prevent you from getting lost in the city.

Important Phones

Ambulance: 103

Police: 102

Fire Department: 101

Get Phone Number: 109


Places to Visit in Odessa

Odessa, one of the largest port cities of Ukraine, is the gateway to Ukrainian trade to the outside. The gigantic Odessa Port is among the most wondered touristic locations of the city. Potemkin Stairs, the symbol of Odessa, is considered as one of the 10 most famous stairs in the world. Thousands of tourists flock here every year to see the historical stairs that offer a wonderful view with its location descending towards the sea. The stunning Primorsky Boulevard is another destination to visit with its resemblance to an open-air museum.The boulevard, which reveals the culture and history of the city with all its clarity, is an important meeting point of the city.

Derybasivska Street, one of the most vibrant places in the city, should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Odessa. Arcadia Beach, stands out with its deep blue waters, clean beach and central location, is among the most important points of the Ukrain about sea tourism. Tourists and Ukrainians prefer Arcadia to swim and spend time around the beach. In addition to these places, the Pushkin Museum, known to be founded in 1823, has interesting features for literature enthusiasts. The works, personal belongings and letters of Alexander Pushkin, the founder of modern Russian literature, are exhibited in the museum. You can visit the Pushkin Museum, located in the hotels area, from the city center. If you want to discover more about the places to visit in Odessa, you may take a look at the Odessa Travel Guide.


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