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Airport of departure: Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW)
Airport of arrival: Rhodes Airport (RHO)
Flight time from Istanbul to Rhodes: 1 hour

The flights between Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Rhodes Airport will open a new door to discovering this beautiful Greek island. The Greek islands are not closer with direct flight options between Istanbul and Rhodes.

Rhodes Airport

Rhodes Airport is one of the relatively small but busy airports on the Greek islands. The airport welcomes thousands of travellers from Europe and worldwide to see this incredible Greek island. The easy transportation between Rhodes Airport and the city centre makes this island an attractive place for travellers around the world. The airport is about 14 km away from the city centre, and is one of the most used airports in the region. It is considered an important hub for the eastern part of Greece as it serves as a connection point for the Greek islands in this region. Rhodes Airport has a total of two terminals where one serves as the departure terminal, and the other one serves as the arrival terminal. The airport is relatively small, and the passengers use buses to get on and get off the plane.

Transportation from Rhodes Airport to City Centre

The only public transportation option from Rhodes Airport to Rhodes city centre is to take the direct bus line. The bus on this line works like a direct shuttle and brings the travellers to the city centre. Travellers who want to go to the other parts of the island must first travel to the Rhodes city centre. More information about the bus schedules and prices for the Rhodes Airport line can be found here. The other option to get from the airport to Rhodes city centre is to take a taxi.

Public Transport

Rhodes is the biggest island of the Dodecanese islands, and it is an important centre for the eastern part of Greece. The island has a large surface area, yet the public transport options on Rhodes Island are limited, and the only option is to use the buses. The buses run across the island and carry the passengers to different towns and villages. It is possible to reach Lindos, Faliraki, Archangelos, and many other towns from Rhodes city centre by taking these buses.

Rhodes Island is one of the largest islands in Greece, with different cities and accommodation options. There are luxurious 5-star hotels in Rhodes city centre and smaller bed and breakfast accommodation options in the smaller towns of the island. Our hotel page, which can be accessed here, offers different options for your accommodation on Rhodes Island.

Greek cuisine is one of the most well-known cuisines around the world, with a strong Mediterranean influence. While moussaka, pastitsio, souvlaki, and stifado are some of the most famous dishes in Greece, it is possible to find different options on Rhodes Island. Since this city is on an island, seafood is highly popular in restaurants in Rhodes. Dishes prepared with various seafood are prepared in the Mediterranean style for a healthy meal.

For more information about Rhodes Island for a comfortable trip to Greece, you can check out the following section.

About Visa

Greece is a member of the European Union, and for this reason, travellers who want to visit Rhodes Island need to get a Schengen visa to enter the country. Travellers from the European Union region can travel to Greece without any visa requirement. For more information about Greek visas and how to apply for the Greek visa, you can check here.

Neighbouring Cities

  • Denizli (Türkiye) – 169 km
  • Antalya (Türkiye) – 228 km
  • İzmir (Türkiye) – 239 km
  • Manisa (Türkiye) – 253 km
  • Athens (Greece) – 437 km


The weather on Rhodes Island has everything you can expect from the Mediterranean climate. The summers are hot and dry, while the winters are often warm and windy. Travellers can enjoy the Mediterranean sun and sea on this beautiful island.

Essential Numbers

Ambulance: 166

Police: 100

Fire: 199

Rhodes Hospital: +2 241 360 000

Tourist Information: + 2 241 044 333

Rhodes Island is famous mainly for the sun, sea, and beaches, but there is also a historical side to this island. The famous Rhodes knights once ruled this island and left their mark on the island. Today, the Mediaeval city of Rhodes brings back the memories of those older times. There are lots of restaurants and authentic shops inside the walls of this Mediaeval city. Mandraki, where the famous The Colossus of Rhodes was built, is also an important place to visit on the island. Today, there are stores, restaurants, and an aquarium in this town. Travellers who want to swim on a beach and have a good time on a quiet corner of the island can visit Lindos, about 50 km away from Rhodes city centre.

You can check our Rhodes Island Travel Guide to find out which places you can visit on this Greek island.


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