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Located at the heart of Balkans, Republic of Serbia is a marvellous travel destination en route to Southern Europe!

The country is famous for its beautiful natural landscape, historical monuments as well as amazing natural parks. Becoming an increasingly famous tourist attraction, Serbia is welcoming visitors from all over the world. The low costs and lively nightlife add up to the reputation of the country!

You can find economic flight tickets to major Serbian cities all year round.

After your flight from Istanbul to Nikola Tesla Airport, you can easily reach your destination thanks to the convenient public transportation system in Serbia.

Transportation to/from Serbia Nikola Tesla Airport

There are four public transportation options to/from Serbia Nikola Tesla Airport to Belgrade city centre.

  • The first option is to take the A1 minibus line, which follows the Airport ‒ Slavija Square (Kralja Milutina Street) ‒ Airport route.
  • The second option is to take bus Line 72, which follows the Airport-Zeleni Venac Square route.
  • The third option is to take bus line Line 607, which follows the Surčin – New Belgrade route.
  • The fourth option is to take bus Line 860, which follows the Sava square – Baric Industrial Zone route.

If you would like to know more about the transportation between Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport and Belgrade city centre, you can click here.

Public Transport

Belgrade offers an extensive public transportation network for tourists visiting the city. The city is surrounded by a large network consisting of bus lines, tram lines, trolleybus, and BG trains. There are night buses in the city, and these buses operate between 00:00 and 04:00 in the morning. For more detailed information about the bus lines, schedules, and prices, you can look at BusPlus' official website.

The BG train offers a connection between Ovca and Resnik and Batajnica. The train, Beovoz, is a mix of subway and a suburban train, making transportation to these areas faster. Check out the official website if you would like to learn more about public transport in Belgrade.

In addition to these options, minibuses operate on different Belgrade routes. The minibus lines are between E1 and E8, and each of the minibus lines goes in a different direction.

Is there a tourist travel card in Serbia?

There are paper cards for tourists in Belgrade which can be used in almost all bus lines operating in Belgrade. These paper cards are the same as the BusPlus card that the locals use, but the paper cards can be used for a shorter period. All travellers must buy a ticket to use public transport. It is recommended to bring some cash with you if you would like to use the minibuses in Serbia.

Transportation Between Cities in Serbia

Transportation between cities in Serbia can be done by buses and Serbian Railways. Most of the time, the buses cover almost all of the cities and towns in Serbia. If you want to visit more than one city in Serbia, renting a car might also be a good option. Driving is a convenient mode of transportation in the country, and it is possible to reach many villages and towns without waiting for the bus schedule.

Where to Stay in Serbia?

Finding an accommodation in Belgrade is never a problem since the city is filled with options. However local apartments and rental rooms are usually cheaper selections which are widely available in the city center.

If you would like to organize your trip with ease you can choose to book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines.



Things to Do in Serbia

There are so many activities to do and breathtaking places to see in Serbia. The rich cultural and historical heritage of the country makes sure that you will have an amazing time during your trip.  

  • Visit Kalemegdan Park & Belgrade Fortress: The history of Belgrade dates as far as to the 4th century BC. The remnants of old times are still visible in certain places including the Belgrade Fortress which has become the most famous symbol of Belgrade. Kalemegdan area consists of Belgrade Fortress and city’s central park. Although it was destroyed but rebuilt many times, Belgrade Fortress stands still on a hill above the Danube and Sava Rivers. You can spend a nice day exploring museums, cafes and restaurants located nearby. Belgrade Zoo is also located in Kalemegdan Park.
  • Visit Temple of Saint Sava:  Serbian-Byzantine style built Temple of St. Sava is known to be among the largest Orthodox churches in the world and especially in the Balkans, sometimes referred as Sagrada Familia of Eastern Europe. It constitutes an important part of the city skyline with its white marble structure. Temple of Saint Sava is situated on the Vračar plateau in Belgrade. It continues to be an important place of worship even today.
  • Take a Cruise on Danube River:  You should definitely consider taking a cruise along the River of Danube or Sava when in Belgrade and discover the beauty of the city from a different angle. There are various tours available for tourists that includes an audio commentary as well. You can see the main attractions of the city during the tour.
  • Go to Knez Mihailova Street: Knez Mihailova is one of the major streets in Belgrade where the heart of the city beats. It is also the most prominent area with lots of famous brand stores, restaurants, cafes and hotels. Some of the cities’ major highlights including Zepter Museum is situated here. Republic Square is reached at the end of Knez Mihailova where Serbian National Theatre and National Museum can be found. You should definitely take a stroll around Knez Mihailova and get to know the local streets of Belgrade.
  • Go to Nikola Tesla Museum: A must see attraction in Belgrade, Nikola Tesla Museum deserves your time and attention. It is not famous only among science fans but is visited by thousands of people every year. The museum offers guided tours as well as some electric experiments during your visit. It is open to visits every day except for Mondays from 9.45 am until 8 pm in Vračar.
  • Visit St. Mark’s Church:  Marble framed St. Mark’s Church is a significant place of worship for the Orthodox community. Situated in Tašmajdan Park right next to the Parliament of Serbia, St. Mark’s Church was completed in 1940.

 Do not forget to have a look at our Belgrade Travel Guide for further recommendations on things to do in Belgrade.   You can benefit from specially curated tips and suggestions available in our Serbia Travel Guide.

Car Rental in Serbia

You can also rent a car with Pegasus privileges if you want to consider a more comfortable option for city transportation when you arrive in Serbia for business or leisure.


Serbia Airports

Pegasus Airlines provides flights to Nikola Tesla Airport in the Republic of Serbia:

Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport:

Nikola Tesla Airport is located approximately 18 km away from Belgrade city center. It can be accessed easily by taxi or public transportation. Bus line 72 and 607 as well as minibus A1 are available public transport options to the city center. The express minibus provides service on route Slavija Square (Kralja Milutina Street) ‒ Airport within 30 minutes and the tickets can be purchased on board. On the other hand, line 72 runs to Zeleni Venac Square and line 607 to Surčin – New Belgrade with tickets bought from the kiosks.

We brought together the most practical information that will help you organize your trip.  

Things to Know Before Visiting Serbia

  • Although Belgrade is the top tourist destination in Serbia, there are many other interesting cities to discover including the rural areas with distinctive characteristics.
  • Serbia is centrally located within quick access from countries such as Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Montenegro and Bulgaria at the heart of Balkans.
  • It is important to remind that Serbia is not in the European Union which means that applies its own rules regarding the visa policies and domestic roaming preferences. You may want to get detailed information on these issues before travelling to Serbia.

Essential Numbers

Below you can find some contact numbers that might be useful during your trip in Serbia.

  • Country code: +381
  • Belgrade area code: 11
  • Nikola Tesla Airport: +381(0)11 209 4000
  • Police: 192
  • Fire Service: 193
  • Ambulance: 194

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