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Airport of arrival: Stockholm Arlanda International Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Stockholm: 3 hours 40 minutes
Flight time from Antalya to Stockholm: 4 hours 5 minutes

Stockholm, Sweden's capital and largest city, is also the country's cultural, artistic, media, political and economic center. The word Holm in the name of the city means islands in Swedish and there are a total of 14 major islands connected to the city. Set among the canals of Lake Malaren, Stockholm's history dates back to the 10th century. The city welcomes tourists from around the world every year with its developed city structure, carefully preserved historical values and natural beauties. It is easy to find a cheap flight ticket to Stockholm throughout the year.

Stockholm is one of the most developed cities in Northern Europe in terms of tourism and there are many direct flights to Stockholm departing from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport which is connected through various domestic flights to different cities within Turkey and different cities all over the world. You can book your ticket in advance plan a holiday and find cheap flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Stockholm Arlanda International Airport.

You can book your ticket in advance to benefit from seasonal promotions offered by Pegasus Airlines.

About the Airport

Pegasus Airlines offers frequent flights to Stockholm Arlanda International Airport which is known to be the larger of Stockholm’s two airports, the largest airport in the country and third-largest in Scandinavian countries. It is located 40 km north of the city center.

Stockholm Arlanda International Airport

Stockholm Arlanda International Airport was established in 1960 and has been an important stop in domestic and international flights since its opening. The airport has an average capacity of 22 million passengers per year and increases its passenger capacity each year.

There are a total of four terminals at the airport, of which Terminal 2 and Terminal 5 are used for international flights. Arlanda Airport is the main airport of airlines such as Scandinavian Airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttle, and Novair. There are various markets and shops, restaurants, cafes and facilities to meet the needs of passengers.

Transport from Stockholm Arlanda Airport to the City Center

You can use public transportation, train, bus, taxi or private car to get to the city center from the airport.

The best way to get to the city center from the airport is the Arlanda Express high-speed train. The train to Stockholm Central Station in the city center is available 24 hours a day in 20 minutes. It departs every 10 minutes during the day and every 20 minutes at night. Service hours may vary on special days. You can visit this link to find out the Arlanda Express flight times.

You can buy tickets from the website or phone application of Arlanda Express, tourist information offices within the airport, ticket machines at the station. You can get a discounted ticket if you buy online with pre-booking. The average ticket price varies between 165 and 295 SEK. Check out this link for more information on ticket prices.

You can also use commuter trains between terminals 4 and 5. The journey takes approximately 40 minutes and ticket prices are 152 SEK. Tickets are used for public transport and can be purchased at the information offices and ticket machines at the stations.

If you want to have a comfortable trip, you can use a bus called Flygbussarna. Buses that reach the city center in about 45 minutes leave the bus stops at the exit of each terminal every 10 minutes. Buses have wifi and power outlets and the one-way ticket price is 119 SEK (2019). You can also get discounted tickets on the company website.

Flygbussarna also has a shuttle service for nine people that takes you from the airport to the desired location. According to the time you set up on the website, it will arrange a shuttle that will pick you up from the airport or drop you off at the airport. While the non-stop individual shuttle price is 979KR, shared services are fixed fee of 289KR and 65KR per person (2019).

If you want to arrive at the airport at night, you can use the night buses 592 which runs between 01.00 and 05.45 to get to the city center. The ticket price is 72 SEK and the journey takes approximately 90 minutes.

You can find a taxi at any time of the day at the taxi stops at the exit of the terminals. Taxis take you to the city center in about half an hour with a maximum fare of SEK 675. Taxi Stockholm, Taxi 020 and Taxi Kurir are among the taxi companies we recommend.

If you would like to find a more comfortable and faster option, you can book a taxi or consider car rental services offered by Pegasus Airlines.

Public Transport

Stockholm has a highly developed city transport line. There are metro, commuter trains, city boats, and municipal buses. Local transport is organized by the company SL. You can benefit from discounted tickets by purchasing a public transport card called SL card.

The metro line T-Bana, which has a total of 100 stops, is well developed and provides access to many points of the city. There is also a suburban train line that takes you to different parts of the city and surrounding districts.

Bus lines in the city provide transportation to central points, while tourists can enjoy the city.

There are boats on the canals of Stockholm that provide transportation between the islands. The boat lines are connected by bus and metro lines.

You can use the bicycles that are preferred by the residents in spring and especially in summer while touring the city.

Stockholm has many budget accommodation options. The hotels are located around Gamla Stan, but you can easily get to any part of the city with advanced public transport.

Stockholm consists of four main regions: Kungsholmen, Södermalm, Norrmalm, and Östermalm. Kungsholmen and Södermalm are an island and linked to many small candidates, including Gamla Stan. Östermalm is the closest area in the old town. Before you go to Stockholm, you can make the most suitable holiday plan for your budget with hotel reservations.

With Pegasus Airlines you can browse the available accommodation options and book your hotel in Stockholm at affordable prices months in advance.

Seafood is often used in Swedish cuisine. The most consumed vegetables are potatoes. Crayfish, Toast Skagen, Raggmunk, Surströmming herring are among the most famous local foods you can try in Stockholm.

You can have a look at What to Eat in Stockholm page for more suggestions about all the local delicacies.


We have compiled some information you need to know to make your trip to Stockholm more enjoyable and comfortable:

About Visa

The Sweeden visa is located in the region included in the Schengen Agreement. You can enter and exit the European countries within the borders of the Schengen Agreement with a Sweeden visa. To obtain a visa to Sweeden, you must first show your return ticket to your country of residence, your reservation for your accommodation and your sufficient economic funds and health insurance. You can find detailed information about Hungary visa and document examples on this page.

Neighboring Cities

There are many beautiful places located within a short distance from Stockholm.

  • Tallinn, Estonia (379 km)
  • Espoo, Finland (388 km)
  • Gothenburg, Sweden (390 km)
  • Helsinki, Finland (402 km)



Stockholm has a continental climate and the winter months are very cold. Temperatures, which can drop to -20 degrees, rise to an average of 25 degrees in spring and summer. During the summer months, the temperature drops in the evening.

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +46
  • Stockholm Area Code: 8
  • Airport Contact: +46 10 109 10 00
  • English Language Emergency Line: 112
  • Airport Shuttle Service: +46 767 676808

Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in Scandinavia with its 13th-century historical buildings, squares, natural parks and developed modern city structure.

Stockholm City Museum (Stadsmusset), where you can see the history and evolution of the city closely, is a must-see during your trip to this city. The city museum, which consists of many buildings, has been exhibiting cultural works and examples of interior decoration since the 16th century. The Ornamental Stucco Masters Apartment, the Blockmaker’s House, the Stickelbarsvagen and the Dwelling in Tensta at Kämpingebacken are historical buildings belonging to 13 museums.

Gamla Stan, which means the old town in Swedish, is another place you should see during your Stockholm trip. With its medieval atmosphere, steep-roofed buildings, narrow streets and close proximity to attractions such as the Royal Palace, Parliament building, Stockholm Cathedral, and Nobel Museum, Gamla Stan is a popular destination for tourists. Also, the oldest restaurant in the Guinness Book of Records, Den Gyldene, is in Gamla Stan.

To learn more about Stockholm, you can have a look at the Stockholm Travel Guide page that Pegasus Airlines prepared for you.



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