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Switzerland is a real paradise for nature lovers! As one of the most peaceful and prosperous countries in the world, Switzerland attracts many visitors all year long. It is particularly a favorite travel destination for ski lovers. The high quality of chocolate and cheese production in the country deserves lots of attention as well. The vast availability of cheap flight tickets to major Swiss cities makes the country more accessible than ever!


Travellers can fly to Zurich Airport, Basel Airport or Geneva Airport in Switzerland from İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport. After your flight to Switzerland to discover this wonderful country, you won’t have a hard time travelling around thanks to its transportation system. Switzerland has one of the most advanced transportation networks in Europe, enabling travellers to go from one city to another easily. Further, the inner-city transportation in the Swiss towns provides a seamless travel experience for all passengers.

Transportation to/from Basel Airport

Basel Airport is one of the most preferred airports in this region thanks to its convenient transportation options both from other Swiss cities and nearby German cities. Trains which the schedule can be found here, is one of the fastest options to reach to the airport. Also, buses that come with different alternatives such as Distribus and others are good options to travel between Basel Airport and Basel city centre as well as other nearby cities.

Transportation to/from Zurich Airport

The transportation to/from Zurich Airport is provided with the SBB train lines, and the schedule and prices for the journey can be found here. Also, ZVV, the official bus operator of Switzerland, offers a line between the Zurich Airport and Zurich city centre.

Transportation to/from Geneva Airport

The transportation to/from Geneva Airport is provided with the SBB train lines as well since this is the official train company of the country. Also, TPG urban buses operate between Geneva Airport and Geneva city centre. If you would like to learn more details about the schedule and prices, you can click here.

Public Transport

Switzerland has one of the most advanced transportation networks in the world with bus, train, cable car, boat, tram, and funicular line options. All passengers can use the SBB Mobile app, the official app for the train lines in Switzerland that enables buying tickets and checking train schedules. In addition to that, there are ZVV in Zurich, BVB and BLT in Basel, TPG in Geneva, TL and VBL in Lausanne, BERNMOBIL in Bern, and TPL in Lugano, which provide specific local transport options for each of these cantons.

In addition to train and bus options, there are funicular lines such as Stoosbahn in mountainous regions. Also, the Niesen Funicular and St. Moritz–Corviglia Funicular are some of the most popular funicular lines that connect the Alps and the villages in the valleys.

Is there a travel card for tourists?

A special travel card for tourists in Switzerland called the Swiss Travel Pass gives you various advantages to using different public transport options. This Pass provides unlimited train, bus, and boat access as well as free admission to 500 museums, certain discounts for tours, and many other benefits. More information about the Swiss Travel Pass, which makes the journey more convenient, can be found here.

Transportation Between Cities in Switzerland

The transportation options for travelling between cities in Switzerland include trains and buses. InterRegio, RegioExpress, and S-Bahn trains cover the entire country. Further, PostBus, the bus company with the highest coverage in Switzerland, offers more than 800 routes to different cities, towns, and villages in Switzerland. All trains and buses are designed for accessibility, making transportation in Switzerland a comfortable and relaxing experience. You can take a train from Zurich to other European cities such as Paris. Also, after your flight to Basel Airport, you can take the train to reach Amsterdam, Lucerne or other cities.

Where to Stay in Switzerland?

Switzerland offers a great variety of accommodation options ranging from luxury hotel selections to economical alternatives, such as hostels, rental apartments or cottages. You can find a number of high-level hotels nearby Zurich city center, in quarters of Kurhausstraße, Old Town and Oberstrasse.

On the other hand, the city center of Geneva provides different lodging options around Paquis and Saint-Gervais/des Grottes. Clara, Vorstadte, Old Town Grossbasel and Old Town Kleinbasel are listed among the preferred neighbourhoods for accommodation in Basel. If you want to organize your trip with ease you can book your hotel through Pegasus Airlines.


Top things to see in Switzerland

There are numerous great things to do in Switzerland whether you would like to spend relaxing time in the nature, discover its historic gothic architecture or do winter sports!

  • Go to Beyer Zurich Clock & Watch Museum: No need to say that Switzerland is quite famous with the art of watchmaking. Beyer Zurich Clock & Watch Museum is dedicated solely to the study of time, comprising of one of the world’s most exclusive exhibition on horology. It’s definitely a quite special place worth visiting when in Zurich.
  • See the Grossmünster Church: Grossmünster Church is listed among the most significant churches in Zurich with its  romanesque architectural layout. It is open to visitors from Monday to Saturday as well as on Sundays after the mass. If you would like to have more suggestions on places to visit in Switzerland, check out our Zurich Travel Guide.
  • Lake Geneva: Lake Geneva is the biggest lake of Switzerland located in half on the French territory. Besides its scenic beauty, Lake Geneva offers a number of activities to do whether you take a boat trip along the river or spend a chill day at its serene ambiance.
  • Jet d'Eau (Water Jet): Another famous symbol of Geneva, Jet d’Eau is a special fountain whose historical origins go back to the 19th century. Even though, it was initially constructed for engineering purposes Jet d’Eau gained lots of attraction by the visitors and became an internationally known site. For further information on places to visit in Geneva, you can benefit from  Geneva Travel Guide.
  • Rheinfahre: The Rhein River is the symbol of Basel, where The Old Town is located on its left side. You can take a boat trip to have the full view of the city or walk along the river. In summer time, you can enjoy the mild temperatures in the nature.
  • Go to Marktplatz in Basel: Marktplatz is the primary market place at the heart of Basel. Known for centuries as the main center, Marktplatz is the ultimate meeting point of locals. It attracts many visitors especially with its markets established during the Christmas period and hosts many open-air events. Street vendors sell flowers, fruits, and vegetables on open stands in the morning at this central square while you can buy hot roasted chestnuts in colder winter days.Make sure to have a look at our Basel Travel Guide to learn about more places to visit and things to do.

  If you would like to have an in-depth knowledge of the major landmarks and famous spots in the country, read our Switzerland Travel Guide.

Car Rental in Switzerland

You can also rent a car with Pegasus privileges if you want to consider a more comfortable option for city transportation when you arrive in Switzerland for business or leisure.


Airports in Switzerland

Pegasus Airlines provides flights to below listed airports in Switzerland:

  • Zürich Airport:

Zurich Airport is the prominent transport hub of the country. It is located only about 13 km far from Zurich city center within easy reach. The airport currently consists of three terminals and three runways after successive expansion projects. Zürich Flughafen is the  Airport’s railway station providing rapid access to the central train station. Light rail system is also available through tram lines 10 and 12.  You can find a variety of buses departing at the airport center.

  • Geneva Airport:

Geneva Airport ensures the passengers a comfortable journey through its highly developed facilities and services. It is among the most important airports in the country as it provides access to the second most populous city in Switzerland. Another feature that makes Geneva Airport quite significant is its location along the Swiss-French border. Basically, it can be reached from both countries. Moreover, it is situated only 4 km away from Geneva city center. You can use the light railway system or public buses for easy access.

  • EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse:

Bus, taxi and car rental options are alternative ways to get the city center from Basel Mulhouse Airport.  Bus number 50 at the arrivals terminal runs to the Bahnhof SBB central train station in only 20 minutes. There are also a number of other bus companies that provide access to the neighbouring cities in Germany and France since the airport is located nearby three countries. In geographical terms it is based in the territory of France’s Alsace region however, EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse is officially administered by a Franco-Swiss alliance.

Below, you can find a comprehensive list of practical information to help you organize your trip:

Things to Know Before Visiting Switzerland

  • Switzerland is home to the most expensive cities in the world.
  • The prices tend to rise during the peak winter and summer periods which is why you should consider pre-booking your holidays.
  • Also, keep in mind that most stores are closed in Switzerland on Sundays.
  • Swiss Franc is the official currency in Switzerland. However, euro is also commonly used in many touristic places.


Essential Numbers

You can find below some important contact numbers that might be of use throughout your stay in Switzerland.

Country code: +41

Zurich area code: 43

Zurich Airport:  +41 43 816 2211

Geneva area code: 22

Geneva Airport:  +41 848 192 020

Basel area code: 61

EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg: +33 3 89 90 31 11

Police, Ambulance, Fire Service: 112


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