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Airport of arrival: Tabriz International Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Tabriz: 2 hour 40 minutes

Known as the culture and art city of the Middle East with its historical past and rich cultural heritage, Tabriz dazzles with its unique natural beauties and authentic architecture. The city, which has admired itself with its magnificent palaces, museums and mosques with valuable collections that have hosted monarchs in history, is also one of the favorite destinations of Iran with its bazaar, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List and delicious local cuisine.

Tabriz, where you can spend a peaceful and pleasant time with its lush park areas, is one of the cities you should explore with its historical buildings and fascinating atmosphere.

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Flight Information

Pegasus Airlines lands at Tabriz International Airport for flights in Tabriz.

Pegasus Airlines operates two-way direct flights from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Tabriz International Airport. The flight between Istanbul and Tabriz takes approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Passengers who want to reach the city from different destinations may prefer connecting flights in Istanbul.

By following the campaigns and promos organized by Pegasus Airlines, you can buy the affordable flight ticket to Tabriz and start discovering the impressive history and natural beauties of Tabriz right away.


You can get to Tabriz by direct flights of Pegasus Airlines from İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport (SAW). You can also visit Tabriz with connecting flights in Istanbul from different points.

By following Pegasus Airlines’ early booking opportunities and special discounts, you can buy cheap Tabriz flight tickets now and enjoy traveling at advantageous prices.

Transportation from Tabriz International Airport to City Center

Tabriz International Airport is 8 kilometers from the city center.

To get from the Tabriz airport to the city center, you can use the subway, bus or taxi. You can reach the city center in an average of 25 minutes with the buses that serve between 8:00 in the morning and 22:00 in the evening. You can also go to the city center quickly and comfortably with metro and taxi alternatives.

You can use Pegasus Airlines car rental service to make your trip to Tabriz more comfortable in terms of transportation.

Public Transportation

In Tabriz you can get to the desired points by using the bus or metro for city transportation. In the city, the metro operates 24 hours a day, while the buses serve between 00:00 / 22:00. Another option you can choose for urban transportation is taxis. Taximeters are not used in taxis with reasonable prices depending on oil prices. In this direction, it is possible to make a fast and economical journey by bargaining for the destination.


It is possible to find accommodation options that appeal to every budget in Tabriz. By choosing 5-star hotels located in the city center, you can both visit the city and relieve the tiredness of the day in a luxurious atmosphere. If you are looking for a more economical alternative, you can also stay in guest houses called “mosaferkhaneh” or in boutique hotels. It is also possible to have a different accommodation experience by camping in the park areas.

Following Pegasus Airlines early booking opportunities and advantages, you can book a hotel easily through Pegasus Airlines website.


Bearing the traces of Azerbaijani and Iranian culture, Tabriz offers a rich variety of dishes to its visitors. In Tabriz, where meat and kebab varieties are dominant in the culinary culture, Haj Ali Chelo, Chelow Kebab, Brag Kebab and Jujeh Kebab and Abgousht are the most famous dishes. Besides, Kufteh Tabrizi, a city-specific flavor, and rice with saffron are among the flavors you should definitely try. On the other hand, in Tabriz, where hookah culture is widespread, it is possible to find hookahs in different flavors in almost every cafe in the city.

Useful Information

The following information may be useful during your trip to Tabriz with Pegasus Airlines.

About Visa

There is no visa requirement for travels not exceeding 90 days to Iran.For visits exceeding 90 days, visa applications are made through the online application form and with the required documents.

You can visit Iran Visa Guide for more info.


In Tabriz, where the arid continental climate is dominant, the winter months are cold and snowy, while the average temperature in the summer months is around 27 degrees. Accordingly, the ideal period to visit the city in a pleasant way is spring months.

Neighboring Cities

  • Ardebil (210 km)
  • Zanjan (304 km)
  • Mahabad (205 km)

Essential Numbers

Country Code: +98

City Code: 41

Police: 110

Emergency: 115

Tabriz International Airport: +98 41 3526 0405

Places to Visit in Tabriz

Tabriz, which has a rich cultural heritage with its well-established history of five thousand years, stands out with its historical texture as well as its natural beauties. Parks, museums and palaces are places you should definitely see in the city.

  • Azerbaijan Museum is one of the most interesting places in Tabriz. The museum, which has the most valuable collection on Iranian history after the National Iranian Museum, displays archaeological artifacts from the excavations of Iranian Azerbaijan.
  • Tabriz Grand Bazaar, which is included in the World Cultural Heritage list by UNESCO, is another place worth seeing with its lively and colorful small bazaars.
  • One of the popular tourist destinations in the city is Lake El, which bears the traces of traditional Azerbaijani architecture. With its lush parkland and peaceful atmosphere, El Lake is a pleasant place to take a walk after eating.
  • The Mausoleum of Poets, which has become the symbol of Tabriz, the city of poets, and the Kandovan Village, which has an authentic architecture with its houses built on volcanic rocks, are among the most visited places in Tabriz.

Other places you should include in your itinerary are Behnam house, Tabriz Castle, Masjid-i Kabud and Saint Stepanos Monastery.

To get more information about the must-see places in Tabriz you can review the Tabriz Travel Guide.


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