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Ukraine, a country in Eastern Europe bordering Poland from the West and Russia from the east, but also Belarus from the North, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova from the South-West. A fascinating experience of a culture on the intersection of Europe and Asia, with very particular cuisine and architecture – all of that within your reach. The only thing you need to do is to buy a cheap flight ticket and let us get you to the journey of your life!


Travellers can fly to Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport, Kharkiv International Airport, Kherson International Airport, Odesa International Airport, and Zaporizhzhia International Airport from major cities of Türkiye. After reaching any of these cities in Ukraine, it is possible to use public transport to get to the city centre or other Ukrainian cities.

Transportation to/from Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport

Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport is just 7 km away from Lviv city centre, and it is possible to reach the city centre with public transport. Minibus Number 48 (Marshrutka) and Trolley Bus Number 29 operate between the city centre and Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport. There is also an airport express train line which takes the passengers to Lviv Train Station.

Public Transport

The transportation system in Ukraine consists of the metro, trams, buses, and trolleybuses in different cities. For Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, Kyiv Metro and Kyiv Tram are the two most preferred modes of inner-city transportation. The schedule for the metro and tram lines in Kyiv can be found on the official website.

Each city in Ukraine has a specific bus company that runs across the city. Also, the marshrutka, a kind of minibus, is one of the most prefered modes of transportation in Ukraine.

Is there a tourist travel card in Ukraine?

There is not a special travel card for tourists in Ukraine. The tourists can buy a Kyiv Smart Card to take all the metro, tram, and bus lines in the city. This card can be purchased online via Kyiv Digital App.

Transportation Between Cities in Ukraine

The transportation between cities in Ukraine is mostly done by buses and trains. Trains are a popular way to travel between these cities, and there are different compartments. Platzkart (B), Kupe (C) and Lyux (L) are the three different options to take a sleeper train. There are also seated trains for shorter destinations between the cities in Ukraine.

Where to Stay in Ukraine?

There are several accommodation opportunities in Ukraine, from luxury hotels to budget hostels. Accommodation in Kyiv is generally affordable. With a little amount of budget, you can receive an outstanding service. Same as Lviv, in Kyiv, the hotels in the center is a little bit more expensive compared to the suburb hotels. In any case, our recommendation is to stay around the city center in Ukraine travel.

For accommodation, take a look at the hotel reservation page to find yourself the best option to stay in Ukraine. 


Top attractions to visit in Ukraine

Ukraine is a country that fascinates with the warmth of people and the simplicity of cuisine. Moreover, Ukraine is one of the most affordable countries in the region, with Kyiv being a city as international as Warsaw or Prague. You can taste amazing vareniki while drinking kvas and admiring the local monumental architecture of the Rynok Square. In the meanwhile, there are many museums that are worth visiting: The National Historical Museum of Ukraine in Kyiv and the Lviv National Museum are especially worth spending time around. These museums are free of charge for most of the weekdays if you are a student or below 26 years old.  

  • Lviv High Castle Vysokyi Zamok Park: If you like to take a walk outside of the crowded parts of the city, this one is for you – regardless of what the name suggests, there is no castle anymore, but be prepared for the best panoramic view of the city available in Lviv – breathtaking!
  • Kyiv Walking City Tour: The capital of Ukraine overwhelms with its monumental post-soviet architecture in the city center. The city is enormous for European standards and requires more than a day to experience all of its entertainments fully. If you want to experience the best summary possible, in just 3 hours, include this in your list. Starting at the Kyiv National Opera, the guide, fluently communicating in English, will give you the best stories about the history of Kyiv but also the more recent details that will not be easily found in the guide books.
  • Lviv National Opera: Otherwise called Solomiya Krushelnytska Lviv State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet, it is gloriously enormous wonder of the city with a vivid, energetic square emerging in front of it. If you are a fan of art, do not hesitate to get a ticket to one of its plays – you will not be disappointed!
  • Maidan Square in Kiev: See for yourself the famous-infamous Maidan Nezalezhnosti, a symbol of political activity in Ukraine that featured, among others, the Orange Revolution in the 2004 and the 2013-2014 Euromaidan revolution – it is here that all the recent significant countrywide changes had their roots. It is also a place that will give you a unique perspective on the city as a whole – a must-go place for photography enthusiasts!
  • Kyiv State Aviation Museum: See a fantastic collection of Soviet passenger and army jets in one of the best aviation museums in the region. Tours are available, but at the same time, there is enough information next to each exposition to learn all the necessary details by yourself.
  • Khortitsa National Natural Reserve: For nature enthusiasts, this is a must-see. A big chunk of the Cossack history surrounded by beautiful nature. The views are great, and it is an excellent supplement for the crowded city-experience.

  If you would like to have more information on the most famous places to see and the most fun things to do in Ukraine, do not forget to read our Ukraine Travel Guide.

Car Rental in Ukraine

You can also rent a car with Pegasus privileges if you want to consider a more comfortable option for city transportation when you arrive in Ukraine for business or leisure.


Airports in Ukraine

With Pegasus you can fly to one of the airports listed below:  

  • Borispol Kyiv International Airport:

An international airport 20km east of Kyiv; it is one of the three Kyiv airports and the country's largest one in terms of the number of passengers served. There are many ways to reach it from the city center – by bus, train, or taxi, with prices varying from UAH60-80 (bus/train) to UAH200 (taxi). The journey by car takes approximately 30 minutes, while by bus/train, it is 40-60 minutes.

  • Zaporizhia International Airport:

It is possible to reach the airport from downtown with either public transport, taxi or a private transfer.

  • Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport:

Located 6km southwest from the Lviv Main Railway Station, the airport is named after the founder of the city – King Daniel of Galicia. There are many ways in which you can reach it from the city: by shuttle bus (UAH20), city bus (UAH5), or by taxi.


Have look at all the tips, that may be useful for your travel to Ukraine:  

Things to Know Before Visiting Ukraine

  • Be careful about using taxis – the drivers will be happy to overcharge you for the sole reason of your foreign origin.
  • Change your currency before leaving your country of origin – the local exchange rates are usually not preferable.
  • Whenever possible, use cash – some places do not accept card payments or charge additionally for the possibility to do so. If they do, you can still experience the tricky conversion rates of the banks operating your payments.
  • The weather is extreme and dry; be prepared for big colds in the winter and considerable warmths in the summer.
  • The country is safe in general, but small crime is common – watch your purse, your phone, and your wallet at all times.
  • If possible, avoid drinking tap water – it is not suitable for anything else than housework unless it is explicitly specified otherwise.


Essential Numbers

  • Country Phone Code: +380
  • Airport:
    • Kyiv: +380 44 393 43 71
    • Lviv: +380 32 229 81 12
    • Zaporizhia: +380 61 721 46 09
  • Emergency Line: 101, 102, 103, 104, 112
  • Turkish Consulate: +380 48 722 79 11
  • Embassy number: +380 44 281 07 50



What are the rules for flights to Ukraine?

Does Ukraine apply quarantine when entering the country?

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