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Airport of arrival: Zaporizhia International Airport
Flight time from Istanbul to Zaporizhia: 3 hours 5 minutes

Zaporizhia (which means "beyond the rapids"), this city located in south-central Ukraine, will surprise you in many ways. Founded in 1770, it lies on the banks of the Dnieper river. One of the biggest cities in Ukraine, the center of heavy industries, with a beautiful island Khortytsia that the city is known for. If you are enthusiastic about countries like Ukraine, then there is only one thing that you should do: buy cheap flight tickets and get ready for the journey!

You can fly to Zaporizhia with us directly from Istanbul or indirectly through one of the following: London, Gaziantep, Kuwait, Hannover, Tel Aviv, Doha, and many others.

About the Airport

The airport that we fly to is the Zaporizhia International Airport, located 12km from the city center.

Zaporizhia International Airport

The Zaporizhia International Airport started operating in 1943, serving around 400 thousand passengers yearly. All the necessary facilities are available, including a restaurant, a cafeteria, a duty-free shop, and a high-comfort lounge. Free WiFi is available only in the business lounge. There is also a hotel just next to the airport.

Transport from Zaporizhia Airport to City Center

Most probably, there is no shuttle bus available yet, so the only way to reach the city would be by car; affordable taxis will be waiting for the passengers just outside the airport.

As for car rental, there are some opportunities available.

Staying in the city center is the most recommended option for Zaporizhia. The prices are in the city center is generally affordable, even for budget travel.

Remember to take care of your hotel reservation in advance.

Zaporizhia has a various cusine. Most of the meals are based on meat and vegetables.


Typical for Ukraine variety of dumplings, filled with anything from potatoes, to cabbage, through meat, cherries, and strawberries. The name comes from the Ukrainian word "var," meaning "boiling liquid" and pointing to the most common method of preparation of that dish.


If you are in Ukraine and you want to eat soup – Borscht is the way to go. The most typical variety that you will find is the one made with beetroot, but there are many other types, differing not only in taste but also in color; you may see the red one (beetroot), green (sorrel) white (rye, cabbage). There are meatless varieties as well as those with meat, but one thing never changes – the base of this soup has to be a "naturally soured beet juice," fitting perfectly with the Ukrainian taste for sweet and sour.

Kotleta po-kyivsky

A rolled dish made of chicken, where you roll the fillet around butter, coat it with eggs and breadcrumbs and then bake or fry. Usually, you would add some garlic and greens to the butter before putting it inside the meat. After preparing the meal, when you cut the meat, the butter is supposed to deliciously pour out, so that you can mix it with potatoes or vegetables, depending on your side dishes. An alternative name of that meal is "Côtelette de volaille" – an obviously french name. There wouldn't be anything weird about that if not for the fact that this recipe virtually does not exist in the French cuisine. There are many theories and claims about where the name comes from and which one was the first one.


Typical for the Christmas period, kutia is a dish based on wheatberries and poppy seeds. You might occasionally see people adding honey, walnuts, sugar, or raisins. Even though it is sweet, it is very often not treated as a dessert but rather an independent dish.

For more of food and beverage alternatives, consider having a look at the Zaporizhia Travel Guide.

In the following subsections, you will find the essential information for planning the details of your trip.

About Visa

Ukraine does not require a visa process for many countries around the globe. You can click here to check if your nationality is eligible for visa-free entry.

Neighboring Cities

  • Dnipropetrovsk: 70km
  • Poltava: 199km
  • Kharkiv: 252km
  • Odessa: 366km
  • Sevastopol: 382km


Zaporizhia has the best weather in Ukraine, with warm summers and cold winters; we recommend to visit anytime between May and September.

Essential Numbers

  • Country Code: +380
  • Ambulance: 103
  • Fire Department: 101
  • Police: 102
  • Airport: +380 61 262 90 43

Zaporizhia is a city with great museums, exhibitions and parks. Below, you can find the most popular ones:

Khortitsa National Natural Reserve

A beautiful place, a great opportunity to, for a while, disconnect from the ever-connected burdens of daily life. Have a chilled, relaxed walk, forget about the world for a few minutes, and try to be a part of the nature surrounding you.

Faeton Retro Cars Museum

A great and valuable collection of old cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles. Established in 2004, this museum is a must-see for enthusiasts of motorization and a lovely addition to the sightseeing plan for all the others. Most cars that you will see there are from the Soviet era, with a significant majority manufactured in Ukraine but some of them in Germany or even in the USA.

Motor Sich Aviation Museum

An impressive museum of aviation and motorization, this is another one to have in your collection when you visit Zaporizhia. Take at least a couple of hours to get through all the collections, as there is a lot to see.

Berdyansk Art Museum of Brodskiy

While you are in the Zaporizhia Oblast, why not go to the seaside? There is one cute town there that is worth visiting – Berdyansk. And once you are there, you should go to Berdyansk Art. Museum of Brodskiy. This is the only art gallery around, but if you care about art, this is the place to spend some time in.

For the detailed information about Zaporizhia’s popular places, you can have a look at the Zaporizhia Travel Guide.


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Is Zaporizhia a safe city?

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